How to Make a Boat in Minecraft

In Minecraft you can use boats to travel through the waters as you can travel faster using a boat than that of swimming. Boats are not only used for travel purposes but you can use boats to transfer fuel, fishing and most importantly you can use boats to move the villagers. You can make a boat in Minecraft in a few steps by following this guide.

Material Required to Make Boat

Crafting a boat in Minecraft is much easy if have the following material:

  • 5x Wood Planks

Wood Planks

You can get wood planks by cutting any tree, for example if you cut an oak tree using axe you will get natural blocks of oak wood log:

You can put oak logs into the crafting grid to get oak planks:

How to Make Boat

Once you have got oak planks, place the crafting table on the ground, open the crafting grid and put 2 oak planks at position 1×1 and 1×3 and put 3x oak planks in row 2 of the grid and you will get an oak boat.


In Minecraft you can use boats for different purposes like fishing, transportation of items, moving villagers and more. You can get oak wood logs by cutting oak trees and then make oak planks by using them. Later on you can craft a boat by using oak planks.

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