How to Make a Blue Dye in Minecraft

You can now add the desired color to your items in Minecraft and change their looks, which is all possible due to the introduction of different dyes. There are many dyes like white, green, brown, blue, and many more, and all of them require different items to craft. They cannot be found anywhere inside the game, so you will have to craft them; in this guide, we will craft a blue dye and shed light on its uses.

How to Make a Blue Dye in Minecraft

We will now go through different steps explaining the process of crafting the blue dye.

Step 1: Getting the Required Items

Blue dye requires either one of the following items:

  1. Cornflowers
  2. Lapis lazuli

We will now help you find the required items.

Finding Cornflowers: You can find these flowers in forest and plains biomes.

How can you pick up flowers? You can dig or destroy the block below them, and they will pop out for you to pick up.

You can also obtain them by using Bone meal if you can’t find them. You can get bone meals by killing the undead skeletons.

Note: We have enhanced the images for a better view as the skeletons are primarily found at night and will drop bones once killed.

Now we will craft a bone meal, and one bone can be crafted into three bone meal.

Now that you have a bone meal let’s use it to get cornflowers.

Now you have the cornflowers, but what if you want to use Lapis lazuli? For your interest, we will now help you find Lapis Lazuli.

Finding Lapis lazuli: is not very hard to find, and you can find them between 11 to 30 blocks below the earth. They are not available anywhere, so you have to mine for them, and it is found as Lapis lazuli ore that gives 4-8 immediately after mining. We recommend using a stone axe to mine it, and you can follow our guide on making an axe in Minecraft.

These ores are found deep underground, and you will have to dig for them until you get them.

Use a stone pickaxe or better, then left click on the block you can see in the above picture, and then quickly pick up Lapis lazuli as it will disappear in some time. You can see it on your Hot bar once you have picked it up.

You can also smelt Lapis lazuli ore in a blast furnace and follow our guide to using a blast furnace.

Now when we have the required items, we will make blue dye.

How to Make a Blue Dye in Minecraft

Using cornflowers, you can craft blue dye like this, and all you need is one cornflower, and you can get it as shown above.

Using Lapis lazuli, you can craft blue dye and get Lapis lazuli, as shown above.

Uses of Blue Dye in Minecraft

Now that you have crafted blue dye, how can you use it? You can apply it on sheep to get blue-colored wool and its numerous uses like banner painting, and dyeing the collars of your tamed pets.


In this guide, we have learned about the items required to craft blue dye, where to find them, and how to use them. We also went through crafting blue dye and elaborated on some of its usages. We hope we have helped you create a colorful world of Minecraft, and make sure to learn more by looking at other guides.

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