How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

The bed in Minecraft is such a block that every player makes it very quickly in the game. Crafting a bed in Minecraft is one of the simple tasks. The materials needed to make a bed are available quickly after starting the Minecraft game, so we can also make the bed easily. Before we know how to make a bed in Minecraft, we will see its function in this game and how it is used.

  • Bed prevents mobs from growing on the surface.
  • At night, players are allowed to skip the darkness.

After knowing all this, we will now see step-by-step for creating a bed in Minecraft easily.

How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

First of all, the following is the list of things we need:

Name Crafting Table Wool Wooden planks
Quantity 1 3 3

First, we will find sheep and get wool blocks. You can kill a sheep to get the wool block from it.

You can also craft and use shears to get the wool from sheep without killing them. For this, create a shear by placing two iron ingots in the 2X2 crafting table:

Now look at a sheep, and you will get an option to shear the wool from the sheep:

After shearing the wool, sheep eat grass, and wool will be restored. For creating wooden planks, you can visit this page. Now put three wooden planks and wooden blocks on the crafting table like this:

Finally, the bed is ready to use, so place it anywhere you want it.

Note: We can also make colorful beds. For this, all we have to do is add any colorful color to our essential white bedding.

In a Nutshell

The night of Minecraft goes through the bed quickly, and the player can also face many challenges with its help. In this article, we learned how to make a bed in Minecraft and saw its uses. After reading this article, we hope you can make a nice simple bed and colorful bed for yourself in Minecraft.

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