How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft

Creating beacons by yourself in Minecraft is considered a big deal because only a master can do it. Making beacons in Minecraft is the most difficult because the ingredients needed to make them are found in an incredibly rare form. If you want to know how to make a beacon in Minecraft, follow this article. Once made, it also comes in handy in many ways; some of its uses are here:

  • Light sources emitting from beacons have a value of 15. For this reason, beacons are commonly used as a source of light.
  • The beacon is used primarily for the effect of powerful microbes like nearby properties, vigor, regeneration, and danger.

Now let’s move to the step where we will explain the process to make a beacon easily.

How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft

Some materials will help make Beacons, which are as follows.

Name Crafting Table Nether Star Obsidian Glass Block
Quantity 1 1 3 5

First, we will create glass, and it is very simple to make glass in Minecraft. It would be best to have a sand block and furnace to make a glass. Open the furnace, place the sand block and fuel into it, and remember creating one glass block.

A single beacon is useless in itself. For the proper use of the beacon, we need a pyramid. By placing the beacon on top of that pyramid, we use the actual elevation power to shoot the beam of light in the sky.

Obsidian, you need to explore the caves and find the lava because lava is the only way to get obsidian in Minecraft. So pour the water on the lava, and it will turn into obsidian. Please make sure you have multiple pickaxes as obsidian is a very hard material.

Now it is time to get a nether star so that you will require Wither skull and soul sand blocks. You can get both of these from the netherworld, and it requires a little bit of exploration. Here is the image of soul sand and wither skeletons:

After obtaining four soul sand blocks and three wither skulls, please come back to your world and place the soul sand like this:

Now, place all three skulls on this shape to activate the wither.

Once you set everything accordingly, Wither will activate and start to do destruction.

You need to finish it in order to get the nether star.

After getting all of the items, open the crafting table and place five glasses, three obsidians, and one nether star in this position:

A beacon activation consists of a pyramid with different levels. As the level increases, the pyramid gets a wide range and powers with each level. There are four levels of the pyramid with the following measurements:

  • Nine blocks are needed to build a level one pyramid which requires a 3×3 base.
  • A 3×3 top and a 5×5 base are needed for a level two pyramid that takes 34 blocks.
  • A 3×3 top, a 5×5 second layer, and a 7×7 base are needed for a level three pyramid that takes 83 blocks.
  • A 3×3 top, 5×5 third layer, 7×7 second layer, and a 9×9 block base are needed for a level four pyramid that takes 164 blocks.

We have used iron blocks to create a pyramid, but it is up to you to use any block you want.

The above image is only for an explanation, so please make sure you fill all of the levels from inside like this:

Now, let’s place create a 4 level pyramid with the correct measurements:

Once the pyramid is made, place the beacon right at its top. Doing so activates the beacon, and you will see an infinite light from the beacon to the sky.

After that, go near the beacon and click on it. This will open a new menu in which primary and secondary power is defined according to the level of the pyramid:

As you can see in the above image, we can use emerald, diamond, gold ingot, silver bar, and netherite Ingot. You can also change the ray’s color by placing different glasses over the beacon. We have placed the red glass over the beacon and got the red ray from it:

In a Nutshell

Although beacons are not such a valuable and essential item in Minecraft games, as we see in the article, they prove to be very useful to help add potion effects to nearby tasks. Beacons emit an inevitable beam of light into the sky to serve as reliable landmarks and advertise their exact location far and wide. Thus, we show in this article how to make a beacon in Minecraft to solve many purposes. We hope that with the help of this article, you will understand well and know how it is made.

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