How to make a barrel in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are lots of different items available that have different purposes, but the issue is that you have a limited inventory size and can store up to 9 items only. Thus, you should be aware of what items are the most essential to keep with you.

Now you might be thinking that is there any way to increase the inventory size then the answer is Yes, there is. You can solve this problem in an instant by using a barrel that can be used to store additional items up to 27, the same as the chest. Both have the same purpose of storing valuable items, but you can’t access a chest if there is any block on top of it whereas you can still access a barrel easily. That’s why barrel is recommended and is a core topic of this article.

Materials required to make a Barrel

You can make a barrel by crafting 6 planks and 2 slabs inside a crafting table and the crafting of these two materials will be discussed in the section below.

There are different types of woods available such as oak, birch, spruce and acacia and you can use any of them to make wooden planks and slabs respectively.

Crafting Planks

First, you need to find a place where trees are available. You need to cut them by using your hand or any axe that will give you wooden logs.

The one that you can see in the image is a “Birch” log and after collecting it you need to place 1 item inside a crafting table that will give you 4 wooden planks as shown.

Crafting Wooden Slabs

As you already got 4 pieces of wooden planks, you need to place 3 of them inside a crafting table that will give you 6 pieces of wooden slabs as shown in the image below.

Crafting a Barrel

To make a barrel you need to place 6 wooden planks and 2 wooden slabs inside a crafting table as shown below.


You can store upto 9 items in your inventory which is sometimes not sufficient if you are crafting different materials. So, if you are looking for some extra space then you should look no further and try to make a barrel. This will increase your storage space to 27 and then you can easily store the additional items as well which was not possible before.

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