How to Make My Avatar Girl or Boy

Avatar customization is one of the most demanding features by the gaming community and Roblox pretty much satisfies this demand of the gamers as there are several customization options given to the players. The dressing of the player avatar is one of the customization features but for that a player must select the gender of their avatar. So, if you are getting started with playing games in Roblox and do not know how to select the gender of your avatar then read this guide.

How to Select the Gender of Avatar

Before making an avatar boy or girl one should select the suitable gender for it and for that follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to you Roblox account settings by clicking on the Settings button in the drop-down menu of gear icon:

Step 2: Next in the Account Info there is an option of Gender (optional), from there select the gender of the avatar and click on Save button to apply the changes:

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How to Make Roblox Avatar Girl

To make avatar a girl one needs to buy a generic women character from the Roblox avatar shop, just go through the following steps to make your avatar a girl:

Step 1: Click on the Avatar Shop option on the menu bar of the web based Roblox account:

Now select the characters category from the list of options on the left:

Step 2: Now buy either Roblox Girl or Women as your avatar characters. So, for instance if I want to buy Woman character then I need to click on that character and after that click on Get button to purchase this character:

To confirm the purchase just click on the Get Now option:

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Step 3: Now to apply that character on the avatar just click on the Avatar option from the menu in the left and under the characters menu select Purchased option:

Now select the girl character you bought that is Woman in our case to make your avatar girl:

Once you select the character your avatar will become a girl and now you dress up it according to your choice:

How to Make Roblox Avatar Girl

First just select the gender of your avatar as male by following the method described above and next follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the Avatar Shop option on the top menu bar and then select the Characters from the list of categories of avatar shop:

Step 2: Next scroll down the page and look for male generic characters like Roblox Boy or Man as both are generic characters and are available for free:

Now click any of the male character of your choice for instance I select the Man character as I have already purchased it so under my purchased, I will select the Man character to make my avatar a boy:

Once you have selected the Man character your avatar will also change to a boy:


Customizing the avatar is the most liked feature by the gamers in Roblox as it comes with a long list of options and some awesome addons. For dressing up the avatar one of the main things that is to be done is to select its gender which can be done from the account settings, next purchase the boy or girl character from avatar shop according to your desire.

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