How to Make and Use a Fletching Table in Minecraft

Fletching table is a block available in the Minecraft game that is used to trade different items such as bows and arrows with emeralds. You can find this naturally in the villager biome but it can also be made which we are going to discuss in this article. Placing this block close to any idle villager who has no job to do and is idle, will turn him into a fletcher.

Required Materials to Make a Fletching Table in Minecraft

You can make this table by using 4 wooden planks and 2 flints that will be discussed in the next section in detail.

How to make Wooden Planks

The first thing is to find some trees which is not a difficult part to do then you need to cut them by punching on them or by using an axe. Axe is highly recommended here as punching will consume a lot of time. The white one on the left side is the birch tree whereas the right one is the oak tree.

You can cut any of these trees, they will drop some wooden logs on the ground that you need to collect and, in our case, we are cutting the oak tree that will give us some oak logs.

After collecting some, you need to place them on the crafting table and 1 oak log will give you 4 oak planks.

The next required item is Flint.

How to make a Flint in Minecraft

This item cannot be crafted, and you need to find gravel and then break it using a shovel to get this item.

After mining and breaking them you will get the flint as shown below.

How to make a Fletching Table

After acquiring all the required items, you can make this table by placing 4 wooden planks and 2 flints on the crafting table.

How to trade items using a Fletching Table

It behaves just like a normal block, and it shows you nothing when you click on it. So, to use this block, you need to first find a villager who is idle and doing nothing. Placing this block close to him will give him a profession of fletcher and when you click on him you should be able to trade items.

Now click on him to find the list of options that you can trade as shown below.

In the above image, you can see that with one emerald you can trade 16 arrows while giving 1 emerald with 10 pieces of gravel will give you 10 flints.


You can use the fletching table in Minecraft to trade some valuable items like bows and arrows. It can be found naturally in the villager biome mostly in the villager house but you can make it as well that we have discussed in this article. You need to find an idle villager and then place this block close to him that will turn him to the fletcher and in this way you can trade with him by.

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