How to make and use a Crafting Table in Minecraft

At the start of your Minecraft journey when you open your inventory you will find that it consists of a 2×2 crafting menu. But later you will find out that only basic items can be crafted using that and you need something bigger to level up your game. This is where you need a crafting table that will increase the crafting window size to 3×3 and then there is nothing in the game that can’t be crafted using this block. You can say this is the most important block that should be crafted as soon as possible when you start playing this game.

Material required to make a Crafting Table

There are lots of different trees available in the game and some of them are oak, birch, spruce, and acacia. You can use any of them to make a crafting table using 4 wooden planks.

How to make Crafting Table in Minecraft

The first thing you should do is to chop any tree that you can find either by punching them or using any axe which is the better and fastest way to do it. After some time, you will notice that some blocks are now showing at the place where you are chopping them, which are the wooden logs. The tree that you can see in the image below is the birch tree that we have chopped to gather some birch logs.

Now open your inventory and place 1 birch log there, that will give you 4 birch planks.

Now place them into your inventory again that will give you a crafting table as shown below.

The physical appearance of the crafting table can be seen by placing it on the ground.

While writing this article the latest version of Minecraft available is 1.18 and there are a total 379 recipes that can be made using a crafting table.

How to find crafting recipes in Minecraft

When you click on the crafting table, you will now see that the crafting window is now a size of 3×3, also you will see a green-colored book on the left side as displayed below.

Clicking on it will open up a new window that provides you with all the available recipes in the game.

The next step is to click any of the desired items of which you want to see the recipe. For example, if you are interested in the recipe for the wooden axe, then you need to click on it and its recipe will be displayed on the right side as shown below.

How to repair items using Crafting Table in Minecraft

Another key feature of the crafting table is that you can repair items using it as well. All you need to do is to place any 2 similar damaged items and in return, you will get the repaired one.

As you can see in the above image we have placed 2 damaged wooden shovels on the crafting table and it provided us with the new one.


The crafting table is one of the key blocks in the Minecraft game that you should build as a top priority in your game. The reason is that there are lots of items available in the game that you cannot build without having a crafting table and other than that you can also use this to repair items.

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