How to loud mic on Discord

Discord is a communication platform that enables you to chat with your family and friends using video and audio calls. You also can utilize this feature to talk with your favorite people on the Discord server. For this purpose, your microphone should be working fine in order to have a chat without any technical audio difficulty. In the other case, you can also loud out your mic if it is already set at a lower volume.

In this blog, we will discuss the procedure to set the volume for a loud mic on Discord desktop and mobile applications. So, let’s start!

How to loud mic on Discord Desktop

Follow the given below instructions to loud out the mic on the Discord desktop application.

First, search and launch the “Discord” application on your desktop system from the “Startup” menu:

Now, at the bottom-left side, besides your user name, click on the “User Settings” gear icon:

Inside the “USER SETTINGS” window, select the “Voice & Video” category from the left-sidebar:

Now, the “Voice & Videos” window will be open, and you can find all the settings related to the input and output devices, such as “INPUT VOLUME” and “OUTPUT VOLUME”:

As you can see in the below-given image, by default, the “INPUT VOLUME” level is set as “50%” slide the volume button to raise the mic volume:

After doing so, set the “OUTPUT VOLUME” and then click on the “Let’s Check” button to test the volume level:

After testing the adjusted volume levels, stop the testing by clicking on the “Stop Testing” button:

That’s all. We have set the volume to use the loud mic on Discord. Now, let’s look at the method to set loud mic on the Discord mobile application.

How to loud mic on Discord Mobile

The procedure of setting a loud mic on Discord mobile is pretty straightforward. Have a look at the below-given method if you want to try the specified method.

First of all, you have to open the “Discord” application to loud mic volume on your mobile application:

Click on your Profile icon that is present on the bottom-right side of the screen:

After doing so, the “User Settings” manual will open where you have to search for the “Voice & Video” category and open it:

Now, all settings related to the microphone will be provided to you from where you have to tap on the “Input Mode”:

A sub-window will now appear on your screen, comprising the two options. Change the Input Mode to “Voice Activity”:

After doing so, increase the OUTPUT Volume with the help of the below-given highlighted bar and tap on the “Test my Microphone” option:

If the Sensitivity indicator becomes solid green, it means that you have successfully set a loud mic and your voice is transmitting perfectly:

We have compiled the easiest method to set loud mic on Discord on both desktop and mobile applications.


To the loud mic of Discord on desktop and mobile applications, firstly, you have to open the “User Settings” and select the “Voice & Video” option from the available categories. After doing so, the volume setting will be open. Now set the Volume for input/output devices and then test the microphone to check the changes. This blog discussed the process of setting loud mic volume on Discord desktop and mobile applications.

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