What does Looting Enchantment do in Minecraft

Looting enchantment in Minecraft can be applied on any of the weapons. With this enchantment the chances of dropping valuable items when killing any mob will increase so that you don’t need to wander around and fight lots of different mobs to get specific items.

Materials Required to Do the Looting Enchantment

For this enchantment, you will need any weapon like sword in our case and the looting enchantment book.

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How to Make the Anvil

Anvil is one of the primary sources that you can use to do the enchantment on any weapon or shield and other than that you can use it to repair damaged items as well. The first item that is needed to make this block are iron ingots and you need 4 of them. You need to find the blocks of iron ore and then you can mine them either with the stone pickaxe or any higher level of a pickaxe.

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After mining iron ore, you will also need a furnace which you can use to convert these iron ores into iron ingots, and you can make a furnace by gathering 8 cobblestones and then placing them on the crafting table.

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Whereas the second item is the block of iron that you can make by placing 9 iron ingots on the crafting table.

As you need 3 blocks of iron so you need to make 27 iron ingots and an extra 4 as well for this recipe so a total of 31 iron ingots are needed for making the anvil.

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How to Find the Looting Enchantment Book

The best way to find this book is to go to any nearby village and find any idle villagers. Now you need to place a lectern close to him that will assign him the job of librarian and his appearance will also change after this.

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Two items are needed to make a lectern, the first item that you need is the 4 wooden slabs, so if you place 3 wooden planks you will get 6 of these slabs.

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The second item needed is the bookshelf that you can make by placing 6 wooden planks and 3 books on the crafting in the same way as shown below.

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Now place these items in the same order that is displayed in the image below to make a lectern.

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Now you need to right-click on the villager and start trading with him until you find the book of looting. After getting this book, place the anvil on the ground and right-click on it, you will see two empty slots.

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Now in the first slot, you need to place the weapon which you want to enchant and in the second slot on the right side, you need to place this enchantment book.

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With looting enchantment in Minecraft, the odds of the dropping of valuable items after defeating any mob will greatly improve. This enchantment can be applied on any weapon and will greatly save the time that will be required to craft many valuable items and you no longer need to wander and look for the items.

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