How long does it take to learn java?

Java is one of the excellent general-purpose and most popular object-oriented languages across the world. This language is circulated all over the internet. It is one of the high-level languages that are easily readable and understandable. This language is popularly used in consoles, GUI, web applications, mobile applications, games development, and also to make embedded systems. Now the question is what do we learn in Java? Java has three editions that each programmer can learn based on their interest.

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What to learn in Java?

In Java, there are three editions that you can learn as a programmer based on your area of interest. The editions are as follows.

Java SE
Firstly java standard edition, this edition contains core libraries like java.lang, java.util, etc. In this edition, you will learn the very basics of programming language like the creation of classes, methods, and objects.

Following are the components you need to learn in this Java edition:

  • Classes and Methods
  • Data types and Variables
  • OOP concepts
  • Access Specifiers
  • Java Threading concepts
  • Flow Control and Loops
  • String and Exception Handling

Java EE
Secondly, we have the java enterprise edition, this edition has APIs like JMS, EJB, JSPs, Servlets, etc. In this edition, you will learn about creating APIs and everything about it. This edition is mostly used by professional developers in order to create APIs and link libraries. In Java EE you have to learn and practice following basics in order to master it:

  • Java Bean
  • Java persistence API
  • Java Transaction API
  • Java Servlet
  • Web Socket
  • Java Server Faces
  • Unified Expression Language
  • RESTful Web Services
  • JSON Processing
  • JSON Binding

Java ME
Lastly, we have a java micro edition. This edition is used to write Java code on set-top boxes, gaming consoles, mobile phones, handheld devices, and so on. If you are interested in writing Java Programs for electronic appliances, mobile phones, and gaming consoles then this java edition is definitely for you to learn.

Java ME is used for developing the embedded systems so to master this edition of Java you must learn about:

  • Micro Controllers
  • Java APIs
  • Java Threading Concepts
  • Java RESTful APIs

How long does it take to learn Java?

To learn java completely, it will take 5 to 6 months and a lot of practice. In order to master this language, it takes at least 1 to 2 years. As practice makes your grip strong on the language and helps you to understand its concept better. We break down the learning tenure to learn each Java edition to give you guys a good idea of how long does it take to learn Java?

  • Java SE: As Java SE is the most popular and widely used edition for Java development, that’s why it has a lot of things to learn. So In order to learn Java SE basics, you need a minimum of 3 or 4 months.
  • Java EE: This Java Edition is the upgraded version of Java SE, so its difficulty level is a bit higher than Java SE and you may say it is an advanced Java edition so it may take a minimum of 5 to 6 months to learn all of its basics but remember one thing that to learn this edition you must have a good grip on Java SE.
  • Java ME: This Java Edition is specially designed to write code for embedded systems so this edition is not difficult to learn but you may say it is a tricky one. Plus to learn this edition you must have a little bit of knowledge about Java SE and Java EE. So it may take a minimum of 2 to 3 months to learn the basics for this edition

Here you have got to know about various components of Java and also the time period required to learn them.


Java is not a tough language to learn and understand. It will hardly take 5-6 months to learn it completely but along with the practice and hard work. In this article, we have learned about the editions of java that we can learn according to our area of interest and the ways from which we can learn java in order to master it.

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