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External mouse can be very helpful when it comes to gaming or faster cursor movement as the trackpad fails to provide fast and efficient movement of cursor. Searching for an affordable and reliable mouse can be a cumbersome process as the market is full of external mice having different specifications and features.

If you have a budget range of $130, the LOGITECH G303 SHROUD EDITION can be the one of your options and by any chance if you are interested in this mouse then feel free to read my review about LOGITECH G303 SHROUD EDITION.


There are following points you should look for when ever buying a mouse for your laptop of PC:

Design and specifications

If I talk about the first impression, then overall the mouse looks decent and feels light as it weighs about 2.6 ounces despite having a battery inside it which is impressive. There are two ways by which you can use it one by using its dongle and the other is by connecting it with the type C cable provided with it for charging. The average battery time that this mouse remains active for is about 140 hours roughly which is okay. At the back side of the mouse there are rubber pads on the front and back which contribute to the smooth movement of the mouse even on the rough surfaces.

Speaking of the specifications there is an indication light of the battery in front of the scroll but sadly there is no RGB light in the mouse. However, this mouse comes with the six buttons, and you can customize the two buttons on the left from the software provided with the mouse which by default are set as forward and backward. For better sensitivity experience this mouse is equipped with a Hero sensor that provides the sensitivity up to 25000 DPI.

Build quality

The upper side gives a premium look, however if you see the mouse from the size, you can see its internal components from the gaps, which is not a good sign. Moreover, if you see at the backside there is a small drawer to store the dongle which makes a rattling noise when placed in it, instead if there was a fixed place for the dongle it would be much better. Another thing that doubts the build quality is the four screws that are visible gives it a cheap look.


On performance wise this mouse doesn’t disappoint at all due to its high sensitivity though you can feel a little bit lag on your first use because you need to adjust your DPI. The keys on the left side are highly responsive which contribute to smooth and fast gaming. In terms of power the performance of this mouse is phenomenal as it can go up to one month on a single charge even if you are the daily user.

Final thoughts on LOGITECH G303 SHROUD EDITION

To sum up my review here are the some of my findings that will help you if you are planning to buy this mouse:

  • Phenomenal battery timing on regular use
  • Highly responsive buttons
  • Customizable DPI settings
  • No RGB lights
  • Extremely light weight
  • Overall build quality is acceptable
  • Less programmable options for the buttons
  • Claw grip for medium and large size hand
  • Long range and large charging cable

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To begin with finding a reliable and affordable mouse one should focus on its specifications, build quality and performance as these are the main factors on which a mouse can be selected. The LOGITECH G303 SHROUD EDITION is a little bit pricey as it starts from $100, but its features outweigh its price. This mouse has a phenomenal battery timing, quite low latency rate and is extremely light weight which makes it easy to carry.

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