How to Log Out from Discord

Do you want to log out of Discord and are not sure how to do it? If yes then follow this post, as we will provide a method for logging out of Discord on both Desktop and Android applications.

Before moving towards the logging out procedure, let’s first admit that everyone’s Discord account and its related data are critical. In most cases, a person’s Discord account comprises private chats and a lot of personal information that is too valuable to be lost. However, a little carelessness can result in your Discord account being compromised especially if your device is being used by many. Log out will ensure that your account is not being accessed by someone else.

There are also other reasons why you need to log out of Discord, such as you have used Discord from your friend’s device, or you have multiple Discord accounts, and you want to switch. Sometimes you may want to take a break from this digital social media world; in such a case, you will intend to log out from Discord.

How to Log out of Discord on Desktop

Closing the Discord application will not let you log out of your account most of the time. Usually, when you turn on your system, Discord is all set to boot up automatically and get you to log in to your Discord account. You may want to keep your Discord application running while logging out of your account, for instance, if any of your family members or friends borrow your system who want to log in and use Discord in your system. In such a situation, you can follow our provided procedure of logging out of Discord.

First of all, open up the Discord application on your operating system:

Now, click on the “Gear” icon, which represents “User Settings” and is located at the bottom-left corner:

In between various categories, look for the “Log Out” tab in the Activity settings:

When you click the “Log Out”, tab you will see the following Log Out confirmation dialog:

By clicking the “Log Out” button, you will be log out of Discord and see the following screen on your system:

How to log out of Discord on Android

From my personal experience, I can state that if you are using the Discord Android application, it can be confusing for you to find out how to log out. This issue is because the Discord Android app has a “Log Out Icon”, unlike the “Log Out” option present in the Discord iOS and Desktop applications, and most of the users are unaware of it.

Now, we will demonstrate the method of logging out of your Discord on Android. To do so, firstly, open up Discord on your Android system and click on the user settings icon, which exists on the bottom right side of the main view:

Now, look for the “Log Out” icon at the top bar of the user settings and click on it:

A “Log Out” confirmation dialog will appear on your screen; click on the “Log Out” button to move ahead:

After clicking the “Log Out” button, you will be logged out of your account and will see the following screen:


Logging out of your Discord account helps you in protecting your account from unauthorized access or being hacked. In a situation when your friends want your machine to use their Discord, logging out of your account is a safer option to secure your data and chats. People also have multiple Discord accounts, and they switch in between them for various purposes. In this write-up, we demonstrated how to log out of Discord on Desktop and Android applications.

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