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How to Listen Audio from Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a low-powered single board computer that is suitable for running different operating systems and has the power to become your desktop replacement. However, it lacks the audio hardware and software capabilities required for high quality playback. If you have purchased your Raspberry Pi device recently and are looking for a solution to listen to Raspberry Pi audio, follow this tutorial where you will find different ways for this purpose.

1: Connect Headphones with Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi system doesn’t have any built-in speakers, but it does have a 3.5mm audio jack that can be used to listen to Raspberry Pi audio from the device. For that purpose, you must connect headphones with your Raspberry Pi device using the audio jack port to successfully listen to the audio player from the device.

2: Connect Speakers with Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi does have Bluetooth and USB ports that allow users to connect any external device with your Raspberry Pi. You can connect Bluetooth or USB speakers with your Raspberry Pi device to listen to Raspberry Pi audio. For Bluetooth speakers, you have to pair them with the built-in Bluetooth option on Raspberry Pi. While for the case of USB speakers, you can simply plug them in any USB ports of Raspberry Pi device.

3: Use Android Phone as Raspberry Pi Speaker Using SoundWire

Using an Android phone as a speaker is an innovative way to extend the capabilities of a Raspberry Pi. This can be accomplished by utilizing a free software program such as SoundWire, which allows users to connect their Android device to their Raspberry Pi and use it as a remote audio source. This is particularly useful for applications such as streaming live music, broadcasting podcasts, or developing a variety of audio-related projects. You can find detailed guidance here to learn how to use Android as a Raspberry Pi speaker using SoundWire.


Listening to audio from Raspberry Pi through the system isn’t possible since the device doesn’t have any built-in speakers. However, the users can use external devices like headphones or speakers to listen to audio from Raspberry Pi. The users can also use third-party application like SoundWire to listen to audio of Raspberry Pi through android phone speakers.

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