LiquidWeb Web Hosting

Linux Hint LLC uses LiquidWeb as its hosting provider. We have come to use LiquidWeb after being burned on a number of other hosting providers which we will not name here. As part of that we have joined the referral program for LiquidWeb hosting to recommend LiquidWeb to other people, organizations and businesses that need a web hoster. We are not referring a multitude of web hosting companies we are only referring you to the company we trust and use for our business.

Let me tell you some of the problems we had at other hosting companies as we scaled.

Firstly price, some hosting companies are too expensive. They charge per hit or per page view. That turned out to be quite bad as we scaled our site and had many visitors. The costs grew way too quickly and we had to look elsewhere fast.

Then there was site uptime. After switching to a lower cost provider we were burned with site down occurrences several times per month. That is not acceptable. We had to look elsewhere. When I told the LiquidWeb sales people about the down time on other hosting providers they were surprised. And we have never had a down time since switching to LiquidWeb.

When we finally came to LiquidWeb, it worked just as advertised after several years of usage. The price is fixed, it’s not per hit or page view. And we have plenty of capacity. We logged in via SSH numerous times to check and the CPU usage was always less than 5% busy. Response times have been universally good with no problems there.

Customer Support from LiquidWeb, when needed, has always been there, and always ready to help. We looked for and tested that the customer support would respond and they do.

So in summation, we at LinuxHint recommend you go with Liquid Web for your web hosting needs like we do, please click the links on these pages to LiqudWeb and get started.