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With the world changing into a global village, the need for webcams has outgrown both at the organizational as well as at the domestic level. Today’s work protocols include frequent business calls and day-long video conferencing with coworkers and clients. Technology has entered every arena of life, making connections easier where you can call your loved ones any time and see them even sitting across the borders. All this needs good quality webcams to provide the best audiovisual experience.

Although most of the laptops are usually equipped with good quality webcams, none of them can claim a built-in 4K webcam. The good news is that you can connect an external 4K webcam to any standard OS system, including Linux. If you are also planning to buy 4K webcams for your Linus laptop, we are here to guide you through top models in the market with the respective suitability so that you end up with a contended purchase.

What to look for when buying your 4K webcam

If you are planning to buy a 4K webcam, reaching the best deal largely depends on the major specs you are looking for at a price that will fit your budget. Although personal choice may vary, here is an account of major features that one needs to pay attention to before making the final decision.


The 4K webcams come with high-end resolution and the built-in system to tune down the resolution. An HD-capable monitor will be required to see the real effect of high definition resolution.


Autofocus allows the user to focus on the subject while moving around automatically. Although this is a remarkable feature for webcams, it can slow down the webcam’s general processing. You can easily turn off this feature, but if the price of the camera is increasing because of the autofocus feature, make sure you need this option otherwise invest in some other desirable feature.

Frame Rate:

Most of the 4K webcams entail 30 frames per second frame rate. A lesser frame rate will not allow you to enjoy the real sophistication of 4K. So before purchasing a webcam, make sure that it supports at least 60 fps recording, as anything lesser than this is also available in the traditional webcams.


The microphone appears to be one of the most important decisive features while buying a 4K webcam. The decision for a particular microphone varies with the use intended. If you are just aimed at using it for Skype and similar chats, then regular built-in mic will be enough. For professional and advanced requirements like webisodes and high-tech videos look for omnidirectional mic and dual microphones to allow audio recording from every direction.


Look for the lens in particular as genuine 4K webcams are equipped with a glass lens. Although the glass lens makes the webcam a bit expensive, yet it provides the best audiovisual effect. A glass lens is considered best for all sorts of professional and business videos and recordings.


The overall construction of the 4K webcam is another significant factor to be considered while making your purchase. Many factors will determine the exact kind of webcam you need, like the overall space you have, whether you will place the webcam on your desk or something clinging to your system will be handy. Will you be traveling with your webcam or not? A metal body will be more suitable if you have to travel a lot, to ensure greater durability. A plastic body is fine if your system will be stationary.

5 best 4K webcams for your laptop


This webcam was initially introduced for mobile devices. Still, it has cached the attention of laptop and computer users because of its advanced features like its unique portability, flexible stand, Micro SD support, and many more. Just have an OTG USB cable to connect Mevo to your laptop.

Mevo is available in two models: One is the Mevo and the other is the Mevo Plus, an advanced model. Both offer the 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution, built-in stereo microphone, real-time video/audio editing. One of the limitations of this model is its limited battery time of one hour.

You can record any video while standing at 63mm, without even making it noticeable for the subject. This webcam is most popular among journalists and professional users.

Its main specifications are Bluetooth support, Wi-Fi chip (802.11 ac), MEMS microphone, video streaming with 2×2 MIMO, optimized connectivity with dual analog, modifiable stand, 150o lens for diagonal view, Mevo app which enables sharing of recorded videos.

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Logitech Brio Ultra HD Webcam

Logitech is a market leader when it comes to various computer accessories. And by introducing Brio 4K webcam, it has taken the lead as the best webcam developer. This model is considered as the most sophisticated webcam in the market.

This Ultra HD webcam entails the best features any webcam can have. Its remarkable HDR-support, 5x HD Zoom capacity, advanced IR facial recognition, flexible stand, noise filter, and resolution variety (720p, 1080p, and 2160 p) attracts all categories of webcam users.

The most distinguishing feature of this webcam is the multiple resolution options, which allows the user to enjoy customized resolution as per the see fit. For example, the 2160p resolution entails detailed featuring of face, including goose pimples and sweat pores during a video chat. What’s more, if you do not need this high resolution, you can bring it down to 1080p or 720p.

Another remarkable feature of Brio 4K is its RightLight 3 technology. It uses an advanced AI system to automatically modify pictures and videos to suit numerous lighting conditions like flashy or gloomy. Overall, if you are looking for the best of the best and ready to empty your pockets, Logitech’s Brio is the ultimate 4k webcam you can get today.

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TedGem 8MP Fixed Focus 4K Cam

This webcam by TedGem possesses versatile compatibility for live streaming, video conferencing, video recording, and blogging. This 8MP webcam has a microphone built-in noise ability with superior stereo audio features.

Its microphone is distinguishably attractive with three different meters, which allows natural and clear sound recording. TedGem is best known for its noise filtering abilities; hence it proves to be the best choice for video conferences to provide high-end sound output.

Additionally, the high-grade glass lens allows a fixed focus function to get rid of the tedious task of focusing. Its accurate capture presents a clear and sharp picture. Its play and plug functioning will not take more than five minutes to start the operation, so no need to install complicated software.

This webcam possesses a tripod thread and built-in mounting clip so you can connect it anything you think of. As it is equipped with image sensor SONY 8MP CMOS, it provides a crystal clear image for all sorts of videos and chats. So if you are looking for a budget option with slight compromises on quality, then TedGram’s 8MP is a good option.

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IPEVO V4K is a 4K webcam. It is particularly useful for scanning books, documents, and barcodes. Although it is known to be a document/presentation camera, it is equally good for video streaming and live chats. The V4K offers ultra-high resolution with 3264 x 2488 pixels at 15 fps. You can enhance the resolution to 1080 pixels with an improved 30 fps.

IPEVO Webcam involves an 8 MP camera, having a 4K resolution up to 3264 x 2488 pixels. It has low-latency support, altered through the optimized FPS rates, resulting in a lag-free streaming experience. Its fast focusing speed enables minimum interruptions for frequent switching of different materials;

The outstanding features of IPEVO V4K include a multi-jointed stand offering a simple fix for tightening loose joints. This resulted from extensive daily use, image sensor, cross-platform compatibility, and a built-in sound system. It is designed to allow smooth working with almost all related computer software like Skype, Viber, Google Hangouts, and many more.

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Cam Link 4K + camera

Cam Link 4K is dissimilar from conservative webcam, which works as an HDMI video capture device. It can change a standard DSLR /action cam /camcorder to a traditional webcam for computer systems.

Having a connected Cam Link 4K, this device will appear like a 4K webcam, especially on apps like Viber, Skype, etc. You can have record videos and enjoy live chats in 4K resolution.

This camera enables video recording in 4K with a 2160p resolution. You can change the resolution to 1080 pixels with 60 frames per second or even to 720 pixels with 60 frames per second. Its prominent features include a full-screen display, live editing, ultra-low-latency technology, and direct storage over the hard drive.

All in all, if you want to use your DSLR or action cam as your professional webcam, Cam Link 4k has got your back.

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Final Thoughts

Although a new product is expected every day in the tech world, a 4K camera is the best option for your laptop. No matter which in-built camera you have, you can always enjoy the endless possibilities offered by 4K webcam. all you will need is to carry out some thorough research to back up your purchase. 4K webcam will open a new world of playing games, streaming live videos, and chatting with life-like experience live chats.

As the market is full of different variations and models of 4K webcams, we have tried to provide the best guideline to ease you in making a quick and useful decision of buying the best 4k webcams for Linux laptop.  I hope this article will be useful to you.

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