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How to Use Linux Telnet Command

In Linux, the telnet command is used to establish the connections between different machines.This command allows us to manage the remote devices using the CLI (command-line interface).  It uses TCP port 23 which is assigned to the telnet protocol.

In this write-up, we will discuss the installation and use of the telnet commands in Linux.

How to install the telnet utility in Linux

The telnet protocol can be installed in the distributions of Linux. There are different commands for installing the telnet, in CentoOS, Fedora, and RHEL, it can be installed using the command:

$ yum install telnet telnet-server -y

In Ubuntu and Debian based distributions it can be installed using the command:

$ sudo apt install telnetd -y

After the installation is completed, check the status of telnet protocol using the systemctl command:

$ sudo systemctl status inetd

The telnet protocol is installed and is in running status. We know that it uses port 23, so we will enable port 23 using the ufw command:

$ sudo ufw allow 23/tcp

Reload the ufw using the command:

$ sudo ufw reload

How to use the telnet command in Linux

To connect to the devices we need the IP address of the particular machine and also make sure the telnet protocol is installed in that machine as well and port 23 is enabled. In our case, the IP address of the machine to which we want to connect is, we will run the command:

$ telnet

Type the username to login, it will ask for the password:

Once it is successfully log in, we are operating the other machine remotely:

Now, we are logged in, let’s create the text file in that(john’s) machine:

$ echo “This is Linuxhint” > myfile

To display the contents of the file using the cat command:

$ cat myfile

We can also list down the directory of other machine using the ls command:

$ ls

We can also connect to the telnet shell using the command:

$ telnet

In the telnet server, we can find out the help by typing “h” letter:

Exit the telnet shell:


To exit the machine, use the command:

$ logout


The telnet command is used to communicate with other machines remotely using the command line. It works similar to SSH but the difference between telnet and SSH is that the information communicated through the telnet is not encrypted and can easily be hacked by the hackers. In this article, we have discussed the installation of the telnet command and connecting to other machines using the telnet command.

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