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Linux Mint vs. Lubuntu | Comparison

Linux is the popular operating system with the kernel and default package management system. Linux users get the Linux by downloading any of the distributions of Linux. The Linux distros include Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Lubuntu, and some others. Linux Mint and Lubuntu are powerful and popular Linux distributions. Linux Mint is the ubuntu and Debian-based distribution on the other hand Lubuntu is based on Ubuntu. They both are free and open source and can be installed and run on any device. Let’s discuss how much these two distros are different from each other.

Linux Mint

The Linux Mint is a user-friendly and widely used distribution of Linux, used by millions of people. The purpose of designing the Linux Mint is to provide the system to users at no cost. It offers different desktop environments including MATE, and Cinnamon, with that contains a variety of free and open-source applications. Linux Mint is known for its attractive and easy interface.


Lubuntu is lightweight with a user-friendly GUI and is an Ubuntu-based operating system with different applications and services for daily use. It used the LXDE desktop environment. Lubuntu is famous for its speed, flexibility, and ability to run on low-power devices.

What Are the Similarities among Linux Mint and Lubuntu

Linux Mint and Lubuntu share some similarities, they are as follows:

  • They both are based on Ubuntu, and they share the same software repositories and core components.
  • They are customizable and can be run on low-power devices because of their lightweight.
  • They have user-friendly interfaces and come with various pre-installed applications.
  • Both distros of Linux are open source.

What are the Differences Among Linux Mint and Lubuntu

There are several differences between the two distributions of Linux:

Linux Mint Lubuntu
Linux Mint offers a modern user interface It offers an old and user-friendly interface
Linux Mint has more feature-rich default applications Lubunu comes with light-weight default applications
Linux Mint offers different desktop environments including MATE, cinnamon Lubuntu uses the LXDE desktop environment
Linux Mint uses its own software manager Lubuntu uses the software manager of Ubuntu
Linux Mint has more hardware requirements, it cannot be run on older devices Lubunut has lower hardware requirements has compared to Linux Mint
It is used by beginners and advanced level users This distro of Linux is for the beginners

Comparison of Linux Mint and Lubuntu Based on Different Features

Lubuntu and Linux Mint both are the distributions of the popular operating system Linux, below we have listed the feature comparison of these two distinct distros:

Feature Linux Mint Lubuntu
Base Ubuntu-based Ubuntu-based
Desktop Environment Cinnamon (default) or Mate or XFCE LXQt (default) or LXDE
System Requirements Moderate to high Low to moderate
Resource Usage Moderate Low
Ease of Use Easy Relatively easier
Customization High Moderate
Software Management APT and Mint Software Manager APT and LXQt Software Center
Security High Moderate
Community Support Large and active Moderate
Stability High High
Cost Free Free
Default User interface MATE or Cinnamon GNOME

Bottom Line

Linux is the popular operating system with several distributions, Linux Mint and Lubuntu are the two distros of the Linux. They are lightweight and offer free updates to the users. Both distributions come with pre-installed applications and can be run only on devices. Check the above section of the article to know the similarities and differences between Linux Mint and Lubuntu.

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