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Linux Aafire Command

In Linux operating system, the terminal is a powerful tool for Linux users to work on. Linux is all about work for the folks, and there is no fun to use it; you’ll get surprised to see tons of funny commands pronounced as terminal-based games and ASCII games.

One of the Linux funny commands is “aafire.” When you fed-up while working with Linux commands, install “aafire” on the system and render the fire in your terminal window.

Install Aafire

To install the “aafire” utility on the Linux system, run the mentioned command:

$ sudo apt-get install libaa-bin

Type “aafire” in terminal to get result:

$ aafire

Your output would be animated fire made up of various characters:


The “aafire” is a terminal-based little fun element that gives you mind relaxation when it burns the whole terminal while working. We have seen the process of installation of “aafire” in this article and then learned how to ignite a fire in your terminal.

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