How to leave a discord server

Joining a Discord server is generally beneficial. However, if you are no longer interested in particular server activities or if the server or the ongoing conversation fails to match your expectations, then you may want to leave that Discord server. In this write-up, you will learn how you can leave a Discord server whenever you want to. So, let’s start!

Discord is an excellent tool that can be utilized for audio and video communication and to hang out with friends in a chat room. It also allows you to create your custom server, which is advantageous as it permits many people to be a part of the Discord server.

What you cannot do once you have left a Discord server

In certain situations, you may want to back out from a Discord server. Before doing that, keep in mind the below-given points:

  • When you leave a Discord server, you cannot send any type of messages on that server.
  • Your username will be removed from the server member list.
  • The Discord server will not send you any notifications.
  • Before leaving your custom server, you must transfer its ownership to any other member.
  • Any server roles you previously had will be deactivated.
  • You can hand over your server to anyone, and he can do whatever he wants with it.
  • As a Discord user, you will be able to rejoin the Discord server.

How to leave a Discord server on a Desktop system

Now, let’s check out the method of leaving a Discord server on a Desktop. First of all, select the server to leave from the left side of the Discord window. For instance, we have selected the “Rocket League Server”:

Now, expand the left click menu of the selected server and click on the “Leave server” option:

A confirmation box will appear on your screen informing you in case of leaving the server; you will be only allowed to rejoin the server unless you are re-invited. Click on the “Leave Server” button to get out of your selected server:

As we leave the “Rocket League Server“, it will be removed from the list of joined servers present at the left side of the window:

How to leave a Discord server on an Android system

On an Android system, the procedure of leaving a Discord server comprises some additional steps as compared to the Desktop system.

This section will show how you can leave a Discord server using the Discord application on Android. Firstly, select the server you want to leave from the left side of the Discord application screen and tap on it:

On your screen, you will see the channels and notifications related to the selected server, “Rocket League server,” in our case. Open the “three dots menu” or “kebab menu” of the server you want to leave:

Now, scroll down through the server settings and look for the “Leave Server” option:

The final step is to click the “Leave Server” option, and you are all done!

When you leave a server, it will be then removed from the list of your public and private servers:


You can connect to like-minded people using Discord server. However, you have the option to leave a server if your vibe does not match with a specific server or the conversation is not according to your expectations or for some other reason. As a result, knowing how to leave a Discord server is beneficial. This write-up demonstrated the procedure of leaving a Discord server on Android and the desktop system.

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