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Title Description
Bash Bootcamp Course Our official course to learn bash programming from our instructors, published on the Teachable platform. This is the fastest and most effective way to get up to speed on Bash Programming by taking our course
Linux System Programming Course Course that teaches C Programming of Linux systems. How to interface with linux at a low level and call the system calls and interfaces that standard Linux systems provides
Learn C Programming in 21 Days For beginners, from environmental setup and basic structure of a C program, to conditionals, loops, arrays and more. You will be able to code in C in 21 days when taking this course.
Complete Beginner’s Python Course Python is the fastest growing and most popular programming language to learn and you can get started with our course which starts from environment setup, programming basics of strings, if conditions, variables, loops, lists, dictionaries, functions and more!
Linux Cheat Sheet Laminated A 6 page laminated document with all the key commands you need at your fingertips to be effective with the Linux OS.
Python Coding Cheat Sheet Laminated A 6 page laminated document with basic and critical syntax for Python Programming language. Keep it on your desk when writing Python code for efficiency until you memorize the language syntax.
Linux Cheat Sheet electronic PDF Version Same cheat sheet that is printed and sold on Amazon in PDF format. Covers critical commands in linux.