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Popular Programming Languages That You Can Learn with Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a great learning platform for all techs who wish to learn and code in multiple programming languages. You can learn different languages, which won’t be hard for you unless you practice them. The Raspberry Pi platform provides you with the opportunity to make the best out of these programming languages so that it helps you get your various projects done with ease.

This tutorial will enlist some popular programming languages that you can learn with the Raspberry Pi device to conquer the programming world.

Popular Programming Languages that you can learn with Raspberry Pi

If you want to do wonders in the programming world, you should consider learning some programming languages and below is the list of some popular programming languages which you can learn on your Raspberry Pi device.

1: Python

Python is a well-renowned programming language. Its use in different applications makes it necessary for the coder to master it. For beginners escaping from programming, they should give it a try as it will be much easier for them to learn its syntax.

Most professional programmers recommend Python as one of the most demanding programming languages globally, which will benefit the learner in getting a decent job in the organization. If you are a Raspberry Pi user, you should keep Python on top and learn to master this programming language as it will help you create various projects on your Raspberry Pi device.

2: JavaScript

If you want to experience a whole new programming world, you should consider learning JavaScript on your Raspberry Pi as it has various applications which are not just limited to one device. It’s a client and server-side programming language which people will use in website development. It allows the Raspberry Pi users to build different websites or IoT projects on their device which can be useful in many ways. The language is not just committed to provide you with a quick learning experience but you can execute your codes written in JavaScript without putting much load on your CPU resources.

3: Java

Java is another popular programming language that has various applications in IoT sectors. The language is gaining popularity with each passing day because of its use in smartphones, computational machines and other controlling devices. As Raspberry Pi is quite a handy tool to manage different devices, this will allow the users to develop various Java-based projects on their Raspberry Pi devices that can meet the requirements of kids and adults.

The code written in Java can run on any operating system and there are different Java IDEs that can be used on your Raspberry Pi device, especially Geany and BlueJ. It will help passionate individuals to develop various Java-related applications on their Raspberry Pi device with ease.

4: C and C++

C and C++ programming languages are also on the list of top priority languages, which are pretty helpful for Raspberry Pi users who wish to control different hardware and microcontrollers. It’s an easily understandable programming language compared to other programming languages that might be a good guide for someone who doesn’t have a basic understanding of coding. For the Raspberry Pi users looking to start their programming journey, they should pick C or C++ that will enhance their knowledge about programming.

5: Scratch

For kids, programming was not an easier option before the release of Scratch but now it has become very much possible to develop a good understanding of visual programming with Scratch. It’s an especially designed visual programming language that won’t require you to write codes; instead, it only involves interaction through built-in commands. The scratch will be easily accessible on the Raspberry Pi device and can become a good learning experience for your kids.


Raspberry Pi device is a great little tool with many valuable features that everyone can utilize for learning purposes. The device can single-handedly enable every user to learn different programming languages. For the professional developers, Python, JavaScript and Java languages will be more suitable, while those who want to understand programming fundamentals, C and C++ will ideally be the best picks. If you want your kids to learn visual programming, you should pick Scratch.

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