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Installation of Linux on Windows

This manual will explain how to install Linux on Windows operating systems. To do so, we will use the VMware-player-full-16.2.4 workstation and the Linux operating system Ubuntu 22.04 version. Firstly, download the Linux ISO Image by visiting Ubuntu Official website.

Then, to create a virtual machine, perform the following operation:

  • Specify the guest operating system and select the Ubuntu version.
  • Add location and allocate disk size according to your preferences.
  • Likewise, select the number of processors.
  • Browse for Ubuntu 22.04 ISO downloaded file.

After successfully creating the virtual machine, follow the procedure to install Ubuntu 22.04:

  • First, choose the Keyboard layout.
  • Select the type of installation either Normal or Minimal.
  • Specify your region.
  • Provide credentials to create a user account and start the Ubuntu 22.04 installation.

After completing the file coping process, restart your system to use the newly installed Linux distribution.

Note: We have discussed the generic procedure of installing Linux on Windows. For a practical demonstration and the initial customization of the Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop, check out the linked video.

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