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How do I know if I have bash or zsh?

Usually, when you heard about Linux-based programming, it is referred to as command-line interfaces, shells, and terminals. Bash is considered the most commonly used shell in this regard. However, there also exist other versions of shells, such as Z shell or Zsh.

Bash shell was introduced to replace Bourne Shell and to become the default Linux shell. Bash is capable of performing a wide range of programming solutions and automated tasks. In Linux, several other shells can perform similar tasks as bash. Zsh was created after the bash shell. It has various features that are also present in the Bash shell. However, some features make it superior to bash, such as Plugin support, Spelling correction, Themes bundle, CD automation, etc. If you are a Linux user, you do not have to install Zsh separately since it is included by default in the Bash shell.

Now, coming to the article’s main subject, how will you know that you have bash or zsh?

The answer is quite simple. Use the “–version” command to confirm the existence of both shells on your Linux system.

Finding the version of bash and zsh

Write out the below-given command to check the bash version on your system. Execution of this command will also ensure that bash exists on your system or not.

$ bash --version

For checking zsh, utilize the below-given command:

zsh --version

Finding current shell

For beginners working in a terminal, sometimes it can be confusing to guess the shell they are currently working on. So we will assist you too in the process of finding the current shell.

Execute the below-given command in your shell.

$ echo $0

If you are active in your bash shell, it will show you the “bash” resulting from the above command execution.

On the other side, for zsh, it will print out “zsh” on the terminal.

Finding the path of bash or zsh shell

To know the path of your zsh or bash shell, execute the below-given command.

$ which bash

which zsh

Switching bash to zsh

To switch from bash shell to zsh. For that, in the terminal, we execute the “chsh” command in this way:

$ chsh -s $(which zsh)

Now close the terminal, and reboot the system to take the effect of the changes. After reboot, open up a terminal window. Now, you are all ready to work in zsh shell.

Switch zsh to bash

To switch zsh to bash, specify “bash” in the “chsh” command and execute it on the terminal.

% chsh -s $(which bash)

Again, reboot the system after closing the terminal, and after reboot, you will see that you are switched to the bash shell.


For Linux users, bash and zsh are extremely useful shells. Both shells offer various beneficial characteristics. Of course, the user can choose the shell he or she wants to use based on the task’s requirement, but in such case, confusion arises in the minds of beginners terminal users that whether they are working in zsh or bash? In this post, we have shown you various methods to know the question to this question. Employ any of these methods and get to know your current shell in few seconds.

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