Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome

Google Chrome offers many different features and shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts make your job easier by allowing you to use the Chrome browser quickly and efficiently. You can easily control the Google Chrome browser settings, options, pages, and windows using some important keyboard shortcuts.

This article lists some of the most important Google Chrome browser shortcut keys in a clear, tabular format. Let’s start!

Shortcut Keys  Description
Alt+Home Opens the homepage.
Alt+Left Arrow Moves one page back.
Alt+Right Arrow Moves one page forward.
F11 Converts the website into full-screen mode. Press F11 again to exit this mode.
Esc Stops the page or download from loading.
Ctrl+(- or +) To zoom in, use Ctrl+(+). To zoom out, use Ctrl+(-).
Ctrl+1-8 Press Ctrl with the tab number from 1- 8 to move to the corresponding tab in the browser window.
Ctrl+9 Jumps to the last tab.
Ctrl+0 Resets the browser to the default zoom amount.
Ctrl+Enter Used to complete the address quickly. For example, type ‘googlechrome’ in the browser, then press Ctrl+Enter to get the complete address ‘’
Ctrl+Shift+Del Opens the ‘Clear Browsing Data’ window from which you can delete the browsing data.
Ctrl+Shift+B Toggles the bookmarks bar between shown and hidden.
Ctrl + A Selects all the content on the webpage.
Ctrl + D Bookmarks the currently open webpage.
Ctrl + F Launches the ‘Find Bar’ to search for content in the current webpage.
Ctrl + O Opens or browses a file in the browser.
Ctrl + Shift + O Opens the bookmark manager in the browser.
Ctrl + H Opens the browser’s browsing history in a new tab.
Ctrl + J Displays the downloads window in your browser.
Ctrl+E or Ctrl+K  Moves the cursor to the search box so that the user can type and search any query and quickly perform a Google search.
Ctrl+D or Ctrl+L  Moves the cursor to the address bar and highlights the complete URL.
Ctrl+N Opens a new browser window
Ctrl+Shift+N Open a new browser window in Incognito or Private Mode.
Ctrl+P Prints the browser’s current webpage.
Ctrl+R or F5 Refreshes the current webpage
Ctrl+S Opens the ‘Save’ window to save the current webpage.
Ctrl+T Opens a new tab in the browser
Ctrl+W Closes the current tab.
Ctrl+Shift+W Closes the selected window.
Ctrl+U Displays the source code of the web page.
Ctrl+Shift+T Reopens a recently closed tab. To restore all recently closed tabs, press these keys again and again.
Ctrl+Tab Jumps from the right to each open tab.
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Jumps from the left to each open tab.
Ctrl+Left-click Opens a link in the background with a new tab.
Ctrl+Shift+Left-click Opens a link with a new tab and switches to this tab.
Spacebar Scrolls down a section on a webpage.
Shift+Spacebar Scrolls up a section on a webpage.
Home Goes to the top of the webpage.
End Goes to the bottom of the webpage.


This article listed some useful keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome. From the above list of shortcut keyboard keys, you can learn to play around with Google Chrome quickly. These keyboard shortcuts not only provide greater ease of use to users; they also improve the overall work performance of the Google Chrome browser. I hope this article will help you in future browsing.

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