JavaScript vs Python

Python is a powerful and versatile, object oriented, general-purpose programming language that is widely used in specialized applications, including Web applications, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and Game development.

In web development Python is used in server side development. This is where we can compare it with JavaScript.

JavaScript is a programming language that follows the ECMAScript specification and is used in both client and server side development; it is most commonly used in web development to add interactivity to static pages. It is a well-liked scripting language that is used by everyone from entry level web devs to big companies like Google and Facebook.

Following are some differences between Python and JavaScript:

Python is being used in virtually every scientific application because it is good at handling math intensive processes. It is a high level, object oriented, general purpose programming language which is being used in various fields such as computer vision, computer science education, data science, artificial intelligence, server side web development etc. JavaScript on the other hand is an object based, scripting language that is mostly used in web development; it can also be used in game and mobile app development using different frameworks such as React.JS.

Python and JavaScript are syntactically different as well. Python uses indentation to specify code blocks whereas JavaScript uses curly brackets. In python a new line marks the end of a statement while in JavaScript we can use an optional semicolon to mark the end of the statement. In Python variables are conventionally named using lower case letters which are separated by (_) underscores. In JavaScript variables names are conventionally written in lowerCamelCase. Python uses # to mark comments while JavaScript uses //.

JavaScript is a weakly typed programming language which does not support procedural programming whereas Python is strongly typed and has procedural programming.

Differences between JavaScript and Python

JavaScript Python
JavaScript is scripting language that follows the ECMAScript specifications Python is a general purpose object oriented language designed with the philosophy of being easily readable
It is used on both client/front-end and server-side/back-end It is primarily used for server-side development
It executes faster than Python It is sluggish to execute compared to JavaScript
It is harder to learn It is easier to learn
It is ideal for creating front end of websites It is excellent for performing data analytics, machine learning and other math intensive processes
It is weakly typed / dynamically typed language It is strongly typed / statically typed language
It does not have procedural programming It has procedural programming
JavaScript is a poorly designed programming language Python is one of the better-designed languages
JavaScript is used in mobile application development Python is unsuitable for mobile app development
JavaScript has a small standard library. Python offers a large standard library
JavaScript has no libraries for data analytics, scientific computing, and machine learning. Python offers numerous libraries for data analytics, scientific computing, and machine learning.
Java-Script primarily works on floating-point variables Python offers support for various numerical data types
JavaScript code can run directly on a server Python source code is executed in interpreters.
JavaScript does not have integrated REPL Python has integrated REPL
UTF-16 should be used to encode JavaScript source code. Python source code is encoded in ASCII by default
Curly brackets {} are used to highlight blocks of code in JavaScript. Python uses indentation to highlight a block of code
JavaScript does not care if incorrect arguments are passed to a function Python gives an error if incorrect arguments are passed to a function
JavaScript has no concept of mutable or immutable Data types On the other hand Python does support these Data types


Python and JavaScript have all the basic necessary elements which are required to create powerful programs. So answering the Python vs JavaScript question is really difficult. Each programming language is developed with its own philosophy. It is specially built to be better at performing certain tasks.

JavaScript has been specifically designed to run on the client’s browser so it has an edge when it comes to client side web development. However with frameworks and libraries such as NodeJS and ReactJS, JavaScript is becoming more popular, JavaScript is now even being used in mobile app, game and server side development.

Python on the other hand is primarily used in server side development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other math intensive processes.

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