What Is Java SE?

Java is the most popular and well-known high-level language in the world. It is an object-oriented language that is composed of objects that you create, classes that you define, and everything that revolves around the idea of making objects and manipulating them. Java code is run on the JVM (Java Virtual machine) which makes it machine-independent.

Java language comes in three different editions, including Java SE (Standard Edition), then we have Java ME (Micro Edition) which is used to write code for embedded systems and lastly, we have Java EE (Enterprise Edition), which is mainly used to develop web applications and APIs., we are going to discuss Java SE in this article along with the following outcomes:

  • What is Java SE?
  • Features of Java SE
  • API features of Java SE
  • How to use Java SE?

What is Java SE?

Java SE is the Standard Edition of Java which is known as the Java core programming platform. This Java edition includes all the core Java libraries as well as the APIs. Every Java programmer is familiar with this Java edition and it is said to be the minimum required platform to start with Java.

Java SE 18 is the latest version of the Java Standard Edition which was released on March 22, 2022.

Features of Java SE

Following are the features of the Java Standard Edition.

  • UTF-8: Now Java has made UTF-8 charset the standard for all Java platforms which will make our code readable by other devices easily.
  • Simple Web Server: Java provides a simple HTTP server that can be used for testing and performing simple tasks and it is not a production-grade server.

API features of Java SE

  • Code Snippets in API Documentation: Java provides convenient code snippets that developers can use in their applications directly.
  • Vector API: Java introduced a new vector API that will help developers in performing complex scientific and numeric calculations easily. This API can also be used in machine learning.

How to use Java SE?

To start with Java SE you first get to know about the syntax of writing code in Java and you must get familiar with it, in order to develop Java code. Java SE usually works on classes and methods so in order to write Java SE code you must create a class with the main method in it. Here is a practical example that gives you a hint about what Java SE code looks like.


public class wnote {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("Hello ! This is Java SE");

So to give you a hint about Java SE code we just create a class with the main method and print a simple message.


The output shows that we have successfully printed a simple message using Java SE code.


Java SE is known as the Java Standard Edition which involves Java SE allowing you to develop Java applications and deploy them on servers or desktops according to the requirements. It is also said to be the minimum requirement to start with Java. In this article, we have talked about Java SE and its features that will definitely help you in grabbing the idea of what Java Standard Edition actually is. So we can say that Java SE offers you the very basic concepts in order to start learning and getting familiar with Java whereas Java EE and Java ME are a bit advanced editions as both editions didn’t focus on basic concepts of Java.

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