Is Ubuntu LTS binary compatible with Debian?

Ubuntu and Debian are the two popular Linux distributions widely used nowadays. Ubuntu is based on Debian and they share many similarities Like package management, command line interface, and system configuration. However, there are a few distinctions between these two major distros of Linux, especially when it comes to software compatibility. In this guide, we will discuss whether the Ubuntu LTS binary is compatible with Debian or not.

What is Ubuntu LTS

Ubuntu is one of the few Linux distributions that offer the LTS versions. The Ubuntu LTS (long-term support) is the version of Ubuntu designed for the long-term reliability and stability of Ubuntu. This version provides bug fixes and security updates and is released every two years. It is available for desktop users and has all the features that a typical OS should have.

What is Debian

Debian is the distribution of Linux that comes with free and open-source software. It is reliable and stable and is used as the base of the Linux distribution including Ubuntu. Debian has three versions including unstable, stable, and testing.  In comparison to Ubuntu, Debian is a more versatile, robust, and stable operating system. It is the oldest distribution of Linux and can be run on almost every device.

Is Ubuntu LTS Binary Compatible with Debian?

No, the Ubuntu LTS binary is not compatible with Debian. The reason is they have different kernels, compilers, APIS, repositories, libraries, and packages. Though both distros of Linux share the same packaging format they don’t always have the same package version. This is the reason that some packages might not be compatible due to the different versions and dependencies. In a few cases, there are some packages that may work on Debian, but overall, the Ubuntu binary isn’t compatible with the Debian distro.

Bottom Line

Ubuntu LTS Binary is not compatible with Debian because they have different kernel versions, APIS, repositories, libraries, and dependencies. Thus, any package compatible with Ubuntu will not work on the Debian system. However, there are packages from Debian that you can install on the Ubuntu system because Ubuntu is Debian based.

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