Is Linux Good for Laptops?

In today’s world, the technological sector has rapidly advanced and has evolved into something of a powerhouse that has kept businesses and organizations in the mix. One particular technology that has come a long way is the Linux operating system which, in the beginning, was a simple server-based software. But with time, it evolved immensely and quickly became one of the most popular operating systems out there. Linux is well-known for being highly reliable and stable, having an easy-to-use and interactive user interface, and is completely free to use. It doesn’t suffer from security issues as compared to Windows.

All of this has resulted in Linux to being highly sought-after and has been its rise that it now has one of the largest communities in the open-source industry. It has grown to the extent that several different flavors adapting the Linux kernel have come out, and each one has been catered to meet the preferences of different people. Thus, our discussion topic in this article will be the main features of Linux in detail along with its pros and cons. Hopefully, it will help you decide whether it is suitable as the main operating system on your laptops.

1) Sublime Performance

One of the very reasons why Linux has become a giant in the desktop world is because of its excellent performance. Linux systems tend to be generally much faster than their counterparts, mainly due to Linux itself being extraordinarily lightweight and highly stable. Unlike Windows, which tends to become sluggish the more you use, Linux maintains its quality and offers a very smooth and sublime experience. Since the batteries of laptops are highly sensitive, it is important to use your system to protect your battery life. And the Linux operating system is the best solution to go with.

2) Security and Privacy

These days, the number of cyberattacks has greatly increased, and many people are falling victims. In such circumstances, using Windows isn’t the best option as it is vulnerable to viruses and malware. The only way possible to keep your systems safe is by installing antiviruses or firewalls that consume too much memory and battery life of your laptop. Although Linux isn’t completely safe, it still is more secure and reliable than Windows. A huge reason for this is that it is open-source, which means its source code is reviewed by a variety of developers constantly. Furthermore, using package managers and repositories to install applications gives it more security hence wonder why so many important applications running on the web use Linux as their base.

In addition to this, Linux is also much better at protecting your data. Its counterparts, both Windows and macOS, have been found to collect your data, and in order to prevent from collecting it, you need to install additional tools which again consume too much memory.

With us users having to store all our personal information on our laptops, security and privacy are among the most pressing concerns. Rather than indulging in third-party applications that might collect your data, Linux would be a better alternative.

3) System Updates

One of the most annoying and irritating things that come with both Windows and macOS is its system updates. Updates are essential, yes, as they keep the software in your system fresh and up-to-date, which, in turn, keeps your system more secure. However, these updates tend to leave users with no choice.

Say you had a very important meeting to attend or a deadline to meet or even just in the mood for playing games and watching movies. And at right this time, your system starts to update, leaving you in the wait for several minutes and even going as far as hours. Sometimes, these updates even leave your system in a state that would require immediate help and might suffer from a breakdown.

Linux, however, doesn’t force these updates upon you. It is entirely up to you as a user as to whether you want to update your system or not, without having any restrictions on the timeframe as in, you can do it anytime you want. In addition to this, each software update improves the bugs present in the old versions, and the security patches that remained to have holes in them get patched up as well.

4) Support and Community

Since Linux is one of the most popular operating systems out there, it has garnered a vast community that is always there to offer their aid and is highly active. With so many distributions being released having Linux as its kernel, the community has continued to grow and its tally keeps on increasing.

In addition to this, there is various documentation available on Linux, each being very well-defined and steps in them thoroughly explained. If your laptops end up suffering from any issue, then the Linux Community would offer you solutions and answer your queries in a relatively short time.


Linux has become one of the hottest properties in the market, and its following keeps on growing. And this truly comes with no surprise as it offers reliable and excellent performance to its users, without sacrificing any of its security features and would be an excellent choice for being used as the main desktop environment in laptops.

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