Is Discord Canary or PTB Better

For testing the features of the Discord application for the final build, Discord Canary and the Discord PTB are used. The methodology behind the scenes works in such a way that a feature is included in the stable build if it has been tested and operates well in both testing versions, and it means that the selected feature is proven to be reliable and secure. If it is not then, they will be eliminated from the Discord app before releasing the Stable version.

This post will discuss Discord Canary and PTB and evaluate which is better. So, let’s get started!

What is Discord Canary?

The alpha version of the Discord Application is called “Discord Canary” developed by the Discord Team. It is utilized to test new features and find bugs. If no issues are encountered, then the developers deploy those features to the stable version, else they are removed from the next version.

What is PTB?

PTB stands for “Public Test Build”. It is a beta version of the Discord App used for testing new features in the app and finding bugs. If the tested features in the Discord Canary are found secure, they will be pushed to the PTB version for additional beta testing.

All features are first tested on the PTB version before being made publicly available on the stable version. If these features are not stable or finalized, the development team may remove them from Discord or update them with enhancements before releasing the PTB or Stable releases. As compared to the Discord Canary version, the Discord PTB version is much more widely used. PTB is the version that will be provided to utilize when you download the desktop software or visit its official website.

Is Discord Canary or PTB Better?

PTB is better than Discord Canary because the PTB contains the updates that are made after testing the Discord Canary. Discord PTB and Discord Canary are somewhat comparable. Canary is the alpha version, while the PTB is the beta version or the final Discord release. Both of these versions are used for Discord testing purposes.

We have compiled the information related to the PTB and the Discord Canary and compared which one is better.


PTB is better than Discord Canary as it contains the features that get approved in the Discord Canary version. It is also used to fix bugs, and after resolving them, they are added to the Discord stable version. Both Discord Canary and the PTB are used for the testing features in Discord. In this post, we explained both Discord Canary and PTB in detail and is Discord Canary or PTB better.

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