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How to Install Zoom on Arch Linux

Zoom is among the best web applications worldwide that provide access to high-quality video calling and conferencing. This application is in vogue for academic, business, and personal use. The trend of using Zoom for academics has recently risen to a great extent. Even if you are a student or a teacher, you need to have Zoom installed on your system to participate in online video conferencing sessions. You can conveniently obtain and install the Zoom application, which includes cloud-based solutions to ease user adaptation. The app is highly compatible with most operating systems, including Linux and its respective distributions. After getting Zoom for yourself, you can enjoy its unique features, including video calling, screen sharing, and many other uses. After installing Zoom by following this guide, you can easily use this application for your online classes or business meetings. This guide shows you how to install the Zoom application on your personal server.

Installation Process

Installing Zoom is comparatively easy as compared to other applications because of its straightforward functionality. In this guide, you can learn four easy steps to get Zoom functioning properly.

These steps include the following:

  • Step 1: Install git and base-devel
  • Step 2: Install Zoom package
  • Step 3: Formation of repository
  • Step 4: Install Zoom on Arch Linux

By following the procedure provided in this article, you can rest assured that downloading Zoom onto your computer will be a piece of cake.


The only requirement is the accessibility of the Pacman package manager, along with the Arch User Repository, on your system.

Installing Zoom on Arch Linux

Install Zoom on your Arch Linux system by following the steps provided below.

Step 1: Install git and base-devel

The first step is to get the git and base-devel installed because Zoom does not show compatibility with the Arch Linux official server. So, you can incorporate the git and base-devel to utilize the unofficial AUR package to operate Zoom on Arch Linux.

Input the following command in the terminal to proceed.

$ sudo pacman -S git base-devel

Pacman will assist you in grabbing the git and base-devel tools from the AUR. After this, you can advance to the second phase.

Step 2: Install Zoom package

Once you have dispatched the AUR tools, you can go ahead and get the Zoom package wielding git clone via the following command.

$ git clone

This command incorporates the clone and retrieves Zoom from the Arch Linux database.

Step 3: Formation of Repository

In this step, you will need to locate the repository for the Zoom application using the CD command. It will identify and transfer the app to its depository.

$ cd zoom


Step 4: Install Zoom on Arch Linux

The last thing left to do is install the Zoom application and run it on Arch Linux.

To do so, input a command consisting of makepkg for this process. Input the base and enter the following command into the terminal:

$ makepkg -si


Uninstalling Zoom

This is an additional step to make you more familiar with the installation and uninstallation procedure. A single command will uninstall the app and discard its respective dependencies from the depository.

$ sudo pacman -Rs zoom

Note: There are chances of error due if an unofficial package is used. You can opt for Arch Linux distros as an alternative, in such a case.


The installation of the Zoom application in Arch Linux is rather convenient, as you may have seen in this guide. After getting this application installed on your system, you can use the Zoom application however you would like. This guide clarifies every step, in great detail, to teach beginners more about this approach.

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