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How to install Wolfenstein 3D on Raspberry Pi

If you are a fan of first-person shooting games, you surely heard about the Wolfenstein 3D game which was in the list of people’s most favorite game. This game was released in the early nineties and has grown popular among the gamers following its release. The game focuses around the history of World War II, where a spy named William “B.J.” Blazkowicz escapes from the prison of German Nazi and he then starts killing these German Nazi one by one. The spy will need to travel through the difficult stages till the last stage will come where he will need to assassinate the boss.

Installing Wolfenstein 3D on Raspberry Pi is not very straightforward and it won’t be done through a single command in the terminal. You will need to install several prerequisites and packages in order to ensure the installation of Wolfenstein 3D on your Raspberry Pi. But don’t panic as this article will assist you to perform the steps in order to install the game on Raspberry Pi device.

How to install Wolfenstein 3D on Raspberry Pi

Wolfenstein 3D requires difficult steps if you perform the installation on the terminal because then you will need to install dependencies and different packages in order to make it work on your device. But, here you will be provided with a few steps that will help you to install Wolfenstein 3D on Raspberry Pi and you will perform the steps within a couple of minutes and enjoy playing Wolfenstein 3D on your device. The steps are provided below.

Step 1: In the first step, you will need an emulator to run the game on a Raspberry Pi device. If you are looking for the basic emulator you can easily download DOSBox on your Raspberry Pi and to do it, you will need to enter the below mentioned command in the terminal.

$ sudo apt install dosbox

Step 2: After successfully downloading the DOSBox, you will require the game installation file of Wolfenstein 3D which can be run on your DOSBox. In order to download it, visit the Dos website and download the installation file of Wolfenstein 3D.

Step 3: Once the installation is complete, you will find a zip file with the name “ wolf3d-box.zip” and you will need to unzip it by right clicking on the option “Extract here”.

Step 4: Head to the game folder and there locate the “.exe” file. You won’t be able to directly run the “.exe file” on your Raspberry Pi, so you will need to open it with the DOSBox by right clicking on it and
choosing the “DOSBox Emulator“ option.

After a few seconds you will see Wolfenstein 3D on your Raspberry Pi screen.

In order to quit the DOSBox, press “Ctrl+F9” from the keyboard.


Engaging yourself into a good first-person shooting game then you should install Wolfenstein 3D on your Raspberry Pi device. The installation process is straightforward as you just need to follow the above steps and after installing DOSBox on your Raspberry Pi device you will then be able enjoy the game on your Raspberry Pi device. If you want to wish for a better audio experience, you can go on to plugin a better quality speaker with your Raspberry Pi device.

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