How to install Vivaldi on Ubuntu 22.04

Vivaldi is a multi-platform, open-source Chromium based web browser developed by the team of Opera browser. The Vivaldi comes with many pre-installed features like it contains the tracker blocker which blocks all those ads and websites that are trying to track your location or monitor your activity. Other than that, it also contains the translator and supports all the Chromium extensions.

In this write-up, we will learn the methods of installing Vivaldi on Ubuntu 22.04 using the command line approach.

How to install the Vivaldi on the ubuntu 22.04

For the installation of the Vivaldi on the Ubuntu 22.04, we will first download its deb package from its official website using the wget command:

$ wget -c https://downloads.vivaldi.com/stable/vivaldi-stable_5.2.2623.39-1_amd64.deb

When the package has been downloaded, we will list down the contents of the directory for verification of the above command:

$ ls

Now to install this deb package, the easiest methods is to use the dpkg manager to install it using the “i” flag:

$ sudo dpkg -i vivaldi-stable_5.2.2623.39-1_amd64.deb

When the installation is command successfully executed, we check the installed Vivaldi’s version using the command:

$ vivaldi --version

To launch the application of the vivaldi, we will use the command:

$ vivaldi

The application has been launched:


Vivaldi is an amazing browser with the many features of Chromium. It also includes the ad/tracker blocker so you don’t need to add the extension separately. In this blog, we have installed the vivaldi browser by downloading its package from the website of vivaldi using the wget command utility.

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