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How to Install Viber Desktop on Linux Mint

Viber Desktop is an open-source application that allows users to communicate with people via voice, video and text messaging. You can also use Viber to share files, do group chats and send GIFS, pictures and videos. All this can be done by linking your phone with the Viber desktop app via scanning QR code from your mobile.

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to Install Viber Desktop on Linux Mint.

Install Viber Desktop on Linux Mint

On Linux Mint, you can install Viber Desktop using:

Method 1: Using Deb Package

The Viber’s developers have created the deb package that makes it easier for the Linux users to install the Viber desktop on the system. You can download the deb package from the official website using the following command:


After that, you can install Viber desktop on Linux Mint through deb package using the following command:

sudo apt install ./viber.deb

To remove the Viber from Linux Mint, execute the command given below:

sudo apt-get remove viber

Method 2: Using Software Manager

Linux Mint has a default software manager that allows users to install applications on the desktop, including Viber too. You can open Software Manager from the application menu.

Then search for the Viber in the search box and click on the Install button:

To launch the Viber using Software Manager, click on the Linux Mint icon on your desktop, go to Internet and click on Viber:

You can start using Viber as it opens:

If you want to uninstall Viber using GUI just click on the Linux Mint icon on your desktop, go to Internet and right click on Viber and then click on uninstall:

Method 3: Using Flatpak

Flatpak package manager is another useful way to install Viber desktop on Linux Mint. The following command will perform the Viber installation through Flatpak:

flatpak install flathub com.viber.Viber

After the successful installation of Viber, execute the below mentioned command to run it on your Linux Mint desktop:

flatpak run com.viber.Viber

If you want to uninstall Viber using Flatpak, run the following command and it will be successfully removed from your Linux Mint system:

flatpak uninstall com.viber.Viber

Use Viber Desktop on Linux Mint

When you launch the Viber it will ask you to scan a QR code to log into your account on your Linux Mint Desktop. Open Viber on your phone, scan the QR code to logged into your account.


You can install Viber on your Linux Mint desktop by using deb, software manager and Flatpak. For deb method, you must download deb file from the official website and then install the package through apt different methods like installation through Snap package manager, Flatpak package manager and Software Manager of the Linux Mint. After the installation of Viber desktop client, you can connect it with your mobile Viber account by scanning a QR code and use it later for sending files, calling, and chatting with your contacts on Viber.

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