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How to Install Twister OS on Raspberry Pi

You have probably experienced Raspberry Pi OS on your Raspberry Pi 4 and find it suitable for your device but you also know that not all operating systems are perfect and you will have to deal with some major missing features in the Raspberry Pi OS including a quality desktop environment, varieties of applications and high-speed performance. But thankfully, there exists an operating system with the name Twister OS which will provide you with a different themes options to make your desktop environment an elegant look and it includes more applications already installed in it and you can work on it with no performance issue.

If you have recently developed your interest in installing Twister OS on your Raspberry Pi device then this article will guide you to successfully install Twister OS on Raspberry device. You will get a few notable  advantages after installing the Twister OS on your Raspberry Pi device.

  • RetroPie is preinstalled to enjoy playing retro games on it.
  • It comes with LibreOffice for documentation
  • 11 different system themes
  • You can easily access your Android phone through MyAndroid app on Twister OS
  • Multiple media apps allow you to enjoy your favorite musics and movies
  • Wine is also preinstalled for running Windows apps

How to install Twister OS on Raspberry Pi

If you are here to install Twister OS on Raspberry Pi device then you should probably do the below mentioned steps in order to successfully install Twister OS on Raspberry Pi device.

Step 1: In this first step, you will need to visit the Twister OS download page to download the Twister OS image file onto your system.

Step 2: In the next step, you will be required to visit the official website of Balena Etcher which is especially designed to make your USB bootable as it creates the image of the OS on your USB drive or SD card.

Step 3: Now, prepare your SD card by formatting it using the NTFS/FAT file system and in order to format it you will need to port your SD card into the card reader so that it will be used as a USB storage device.

Step 4: Next, open the Etcher application and choose the “Flash from file” file option, where you will need to choose the image file of your Twister OS.

Step 5: When the image file is selected, you will need to choose the next option that is “Choose the target file” and you will have to select your target USB drive where your Twister OS will be stored.

Step 6: Now click on the “Flash” option to begin the installation of Twister OS on Raspberry Pi device and in a few minutes, you will get the option to remove your SD card.

Step 7:  To boot the OS, you will need to remove the SD card from the reader and the next, you will be criticized for not having any specific window.

Step 8: Put your SD into the card port of Raspberry Pi device and ensure that your Raspberry Pi device is turned on for a few minutes. After some time, Twister OS will be installed on your system and you can change the theme, or install different applications on Raspberry Pi.


Twistor OS is a lightweight elegant operating system that offers multiple themes, and many apps out of the box. In this write-up you will be able to learn how to install Twistor OS on Raspberry Pi using a series of basic steps mentioned above. Twistor OS is the best possible operating system if you are looking for an alternative to Raspberry Pi OS.

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