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How to Install Steam Link on Raspberry Pi?

The trend of playing multiplayer has continuously increased because playing games with friends adds fun and makes the games more interesting. There is several software that can be used for linking yourself from your friends, Steam Link is one the best applications that can be used for that purpose. Steam Link also provides the opportunity to connect your Raspberry Pi with TV and PC without needing a single wire. Follow this guide to install Steam Link on Raspberry Pi and connect with your friends to enjoy gaming.

Installing Steam Link on Raspberry Pi

Steam Link allows you to play games on a bigger screen by sharing the screen of your laptop, PC or Raspberry Pi, moreover it also provides a source for playing games with your friends as well. To install steam link on Raspberry Pi below are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Update the apt packages of Raspberry Pi by using the following command:

$ sudo apt update

Step 2: Next execute the following command to install the Steam Link:

$ sudo apt install steamlink

Step 3: After that open the steam link by using the following command and it will start to download the necessary updates:

$ steamlink

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Using Steam Link on Raspberry Pi

After the installation is complete Steam Link will open and click on “Get Started”:

After that you can either pair controllers to play the game or can also click in the “Skip” button if you are going to pair it later:

Next, it will automatically scan for the computer running if not you can click on “Rescan” it or “Skip” the option and do it later, remember that the computer you want to connect should be running steam client application:

Once you have opened the Steam application on your PC go into the setting options by clicking in the gear option and select the “Computer” option as in the image below:

Click on the computer name to connect the Raspberry Pi with your computer, you can also click on the “Network Test” to see if the network speed is good enough to play games:

After you are all set click on the “Start Playing” option:

Enter the code displayed by the Steam Link application on your PC:

After entering the code Raspberry Pi screen will be shared to your PC or TV:

So, this is how you can connect your Raspberry Pi to a PC or a TV, this way the screen of your PC is shared on a Raspberry Pi display.


Sharing displays to other devices can be done by using several applications but to play games, Steam Link is the best application. One thing that you should remember is that the Raspberry Pi buster version supports the Steam Link application so if you have Bullseye then unfortunately you cannot run Steam Link. You can install Steam Link using the apt packages manager and by entering the code for the Steam Link application on the Steam client software you can share the screen of your PC.

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