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How to Install the SpookyGhost on the Raspberry Pi

The SpookyGhost is a simple tool to create animations without paying any subscription to the developers of the application. The SpookyGhost provides all the basic tools which any animator requires. SpookyGhost is a cross-platform application that comes with various features like unlimited canvas size, drag and drop, lua scripting and different exporting methods.  and in this write-up, we are going to explore the installation method of the SpookyGhost on the Raspberry Pi 4.

How to install the SpookyGhost on the Raspberry Pi 4

It is always recommended to the readers to make sure all the packages are up to date on the Raspberry Pi or any other distribution of Linux before proceeding with any task so we will use the command:

$ sudo apt update

To download the SpookyGhost, we will visit its official website, where different packages are available for different operating systems, the most suitable package for the Raspberry Pi is “spookyghost_8.c2e6628-1_armhf.deb”, so will click on it to download it:

To confirm the SpookyGhost package has been downloaded, we will list down the contents of the “Downloads” directory using the command:

$ ls /home/pi/Downloads/

We will move the package from the Downloads directory to the home directory by using the mv command of the Raspberry Pi:

$ mv /home/pi/Downloads/spookyghost_68.c2e6628-1_armhf.deb /home/pi/

To confirm the SpookyGhost is moved in the home directory, we will list the contents of the home directory using the command:

$ ls

Before installing the spooky ghost, we will install its dependency using the command:

$ sudo apt install liblua5.3-0

Now, for the installation of the SpookyGhost, we will use the command:

$ sudo dpkg -i spookyghost_68.c2e6628-1_armhf.deb

Once the package of the SpookyGhost is installed, we will close the terminal and click on the “Application menu”, then “Graphics” and finally on the “SpookyGhost”:

The application of the Spookyghost will be launched, and you can see the home screen of the SpookyGhost:

Note: Please make sure the GL driver is enabled on the Buster version of the Raspberry Pi OS.


SpookyGhost is the tool for creating animation and is simple to use. It is available for different platforms such as Linux, macOS and Windows. The SpookyGhost has many features including making animations using the LUA script. In this write-up, we demonstrated the installation of the SpookyGhost on the Raspberry Pi 4 by downloading the package from its website.

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