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How to Install Snap Store GUI on Raspberry Pi

Snap Store is a platform for Linux users to download and install applications on their desktops. It provides easy installation of several useful applications that don’t require installing additional dependencies on your system. The Snap Store is mainly used to install applications using the terminal; however, if you are interested in installing a GUI version of the store, follow this article guide, where we will show you the process to install Snap Store GUI on Raspberry Pi.

How to Install Snap Store GUI on Raspberry Pi

To install Snap Store GUI on Raspberry Pi, follow the step-by-step instruction provided below:

Step 1: Update Raspberry Pi System

Make sure that packages installed on Raspberry Pi should be up to date and to confirm this, you can run the following command:

$ sudo apt update

If some packages need upgrading, immediately run the following command to upgrade the packages on the Raspberry Pi system.

$ sudo apt upgrade -y

Step 2: Install Snap Daemon on Raspberry Pi

Next, you should install Snap Daemon called snapd on your Raspberry Pi system through the following command as it is used to handle packages from the Snap Store.

$ sudo apt install snapd

Step 3: Install Core Snap on Raspberry Pi

To ensure the installation of the latest snapd packages, you must install core snap on Raspberry Pi using the following command:

$ sudo snap install core

Step 4: Install Snap Store GUI Through Snap Store

After completing the installation of core snap, you can install Snap Store GUI on Raspberry Pi through the below-mentioned command:

$ sudo snap install snap-store

Step 5: Run Snap Store on Raspberry Pi

To run Snap Store GUI on Raspberry Pi, go to the “Preferences” option in the Raspberry Pi main menu and there you will see the “Snap Store” option. Select this option to open it on the Raspberry Pi desktop.


Snap Store is a perfect platform for installing applications on your Raspberry Pi system, which doesn’t require installing any additional packages. Besides installing an application from the Snap Store through the command-line terminal, you can install Snap Store GUI from the guidelines mentioned above and use it to find and install several applications on your Raspberry Pi system.

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