qBittorrent 3.3.12 released with new feature and lots of bugfix

qBittorrent 3.3.12 recently released, is an open-source torrent app that comes loaded with all the modern functionality necessary for daily torrenting which includes an integrated search engine, web interface, sequential download support, bandwidth scheduler, RSS support and other useful features.


qBittorrent Features

  • Polished µTorrent-like User Interface
  • Well-integrated and extensible Search Engine
    • Simultaneous search in many Torrent search sites
    • Category-specific search requests (e.g. Books, Music, Software)
  • RSS feed support with advanced download filters (incl. regex)
  • Many Bittorrent extensions supported:
    • Magnet links
    • Distributed hash table (DHT), peer exchange protocol (PEX), local peer discovery (LSD)
    • Private torrents
    • Encrypted connections
    • and many more…
  • Remote control through Web user interface, written with AJAX
    • Nearly identical to the regular GUI
  • Sequential downloading (Download in order)
  • Advanced control over torrents, trackers and peers
    • Torrents queueing and prioritizing
    • Torrent content selection and prioritizing
  • Bandwidth scheduler
  • Torrent creation tool
  • IP Filtering (eMule & PeerGuardian format compatible)
  • IPv6 compliant
  • UPnP / NAT-PMP port forwarding support
  • Available on all platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, OS/2
  • Available in ~70 languages

qBittorrent 3.3.12 Changelog

New Features

  • Indicate bitness in stackstrace and about dialog


  • Bugfix:
    • Fix incomplete type compile error with Qt4
    • Fix compile error: ‘escape’ is not a member of ‘Qt’
    • Use system locale to format dates/time/etc
    • Follow http user-agent format
    • Fix cancel “Set location” causes files move to installation dir
  • WebUI
    • Improve performance of updating ‘progress’ column
    • Implement statistics window in web UI
    • fixed “remaining” column in WebUI
    • Set HttpOnly attribute to SID cookie
    • Fire up the timer to clean inactive sessions
    • Set cookie SID value to empty on logout
  • Windows
    • Make the installer DPI aware
    • Set exit code to 0 on install/uninstall success. Fixes problem with silent installations
    • The 64-bit installer refuses to install on 32-bit systems
    • The 64-bit installer uses the correct “Program Files” now. Hence detection will not work if you install on top of previous installer
    • Fix running the uninstaller if the user chose a different path in the installer
  • Linux
    • Add keywords to the .desktop file
    • Update stuff in appdata.xml and run ‘appstream-utl upgrade’ on it
  • Other
    • Replace rand() by a true uniform distribution generator
    • Change our user-agent format as indicated earlier in the news section
    • cmake: fix OSX bundle creation

How to Install qBittorrent 3.3.12 on Ubuntu 17.04, Ubuntu 16.10, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:qbittorrent-team/qbittorrent-stable

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install qbittorrent

How to uninstall qBittorrent from Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install qbittorrent

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