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Install PileMd 0.9.0 – A Markdown Note App for Linux

PileMd 0.9.0 recently released, is a Markdown Note App for Linux and Mac users. PileMd comes with a Beautiful Markdown Editor, Comfortable Notes, and Local File Syncing.


PileMd Features

  • Beautiful Editor
    • It has really beautiful Markdown Editor, looks like Preview. It’s like a RichText Editor but actually a Markdown Editor.
  • Rich Editor
    • It is really a rich editor like a word processor. It has Undo/Redo histories, Completion of lists and also Opening links in editors.
  • Syncing
    • Will sync your data with local files. So if you put the folder to sync into a folder syncing with cloud services, you can back up and use same data on multi devices.
    • You can move the folder to sync, and also open existing folders
  • Grow with you
    • Piled Markdown notes are your history, your growth, and your own. The interface is created for you to focus on writing and thinking. All of data will be Sync with local files, so you can backup data to cloud services easily.
    • It shows your Markdown notes as time-line basis. We think people can find Markdown notes easily if it’s on the timeline, like note books in real life.
  • Pile keeping your think
    • If you don’t want to lose your Markdown notes, just create Racks and/or Folders and drag and drop notes into it.
    • It’s based on philosophy of task management tools. So you can manage your notes you want.

v0.9.0 Changelog

  • Saving Images on Local
  • Improved Design
  • Simplified Qiita login

How to install / run PileMd 0.9.0 on Ubuntu 17.04, Ubuntu 16.10, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 12.04

sudo apt-get install unzip



cd PileMd*


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