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How to Install Package with deb-get Command in Linux

deb-get is a stable bash command line utility for Linux systems. It is used to install and manage third-party packages. deb-get is way faster and more secure than the other package managers. deb-get installs the .deb files from the official websites on your system. You can easily get your own packages in deb-get through simple code.

Learn more about the installation of a package through deb-get on Linux from this tutorial.

Install deb-get on Linux

Before moving towards the package installation through deb-get, you must install deb-get command line utility on your Linux system from the following bash script:

curl -sL | sudo -E bash -s install deb-get

Once the installation is completed, run the following command to get the version of the installed deb-get as this will confirm the successful installation of the utility.

deb-get version

Install a Package with deb-get Command on Linux

To install a package from the Linux command-line tool using the deb-get command, follow the below-given syntax:

deb-get install <package-name>

In my case I am using the deb-get to install a package with the name gh (a command-line interface (CLI) tool for GitHub, which is a web-based hosting service for version control and collaboration):

deb-get install gh

You can check the availability of the package through the deb-get list or the search flag by using the following command in the terminal:

deb-get list

Remove a Package from deb-get Command

deb-get is also used for the removal of installed packages. Follow the below-given command to remove a specific package from Linux, which is gh in my case.

deb-get purge gh

Bottom Line

deb-get is a useful command-line tool for installing packages on Linux distributions. It offers a simple and efficient way to download and install packages from Debian repositories, and can also be used to download packages manually. By using deb-get, users can easily manage and install packages without having to manually search for and download them from the internet.

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