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Install Notepadqq on Linux Mint using the Snap Store

Notepadqq is a text editor which is specially designed for developers to easily type codes in any programming language as it offers you to code in all the programming languages, furthermore you can highlight the syntax for many languages. Following this guide, you can install Notepadqq on your Linux Mint system by using snap store.

How to Install Notepadqq on Linux Mint Using the Snap Store

To install Notepadqq on Linux Mint using Snap store you must have snap enabled on your system first then for the installation of Notepadqq execute the command given below:

sudo snap install notepadqq

You can also check the version of the Notepadqq you just installed by running the following command:

notepadqq --version

Now execute the command mentioned below to run the Notepadqq on Linux Mint:


You can uninstall the Notepadqq by running the command mentioned below:

sudo snap remove notepadqq

Features of Notepadqq

Notepadqq provides you with a lot of features which makes it easy for you to write in plain text, code in different markup languages, cobbling together simple shell scripts and more. Following are the different features that Notepadqq offers you:


You can zoom in and zoom out the whole text in just one click. You can see the plus and minus sign on the window of Notepadqq, when you click on the plus sign the text gets bigger in size and vice versa.


In Edit option the Notepadqq offers you variety of functions when it comes to editing, for example when you click on Copy to Clipboard, you can perform following functions:

You can also convert the text into lower and upper case in just two steps go to Edit, convert case, and then select the option according to your requirements:


While using Notepadqq you can interpret/encode your text according to the requirements, just click on the option Encoding in the ribbon and choose the format you want to encode your text in:

Variety of Languages

Notepadqq offers you the variety of programming languages which you can use to write in this text editor. You can click on the option Languages and choose plain text or any other language. Starting letter of every language is given so when you click on it, you can get the list of languages starting with that letter, for example, in H you will see HTML, HTTPS and more.


Notepadqq is an advanced text editor that offers you many features which are not available in a simple text editor. You can install it using snap store on Linux Mint. It offers you different features like encoding and support for a variety of languages.

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