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How to Install ImageMagick on Linux Mint 21

If you are thinking of having some software on your Linux Mint system the ImgaeMagick can be the best choice because of its versatility. You can display, edit, and convert, vector image and raster image files. It can support over 200 image file formats and is able to crop, resize and colour correct the images. This guide is all about how you can Install ImageMagick on Linux Mint 21.

How to Install ImageMagick on Linux Mint 21

You can install ImageMagick on Linux Mint by using command line so to install ImageMagick on Linux Mint system follow below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Clone the git repository to start the installation process by executing the below mentioned command:

git clone ImageMagick-7.1.0


Step 2: Change the directory to ImageMagick- 7.1.0 file by running the command mentioned below:

cd ImageMagick-7.1.0

Step 3: Now in the ImageMagick-7.1.0 directory execute the command mentioned below for configuration:



Step 4: To make the file execute the command mentioned below:



Step 5: If ImageMagick has been configured without warnings and errors, then execute the below mentioned command to install it:

sudo make install


Step 6: Now to configure the dynamic linker run-time bindings execute the command given below:

sudo ldconfig /usr/local/lib


Step 7: To confirm the successful installation of ImageMagick, execute the command given below which will do the validation test:

make check


You can see that all tests have status ‘pass’:

How to Use ImageMagick on Linux Mint

Using the ImageMagick one can check the hidden details of an image and for that purpose here is the syntax for it:

magick identify -verbose <image-name>

For demonstration I have used the above given syntax to know the detailed information about an image:

magick identify -verbose ab.png


You can display any picture using ImageMagick by executing the command by using the syntax given below:

display <image name>

For demonstration I have used the above given syntax to display an image:

display index.jpeg



ImageMagick is a tool you can use to edit your images on Linux Mint. There are different ways to install ImageMagick on the Linux Mint 21, this guide about installation of ImageMagick through source file and make utility. To understand the installation process, you can follow the guide mentioned above.

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