How to install Googler on Ubuntu 22.04 & Linux Mint 20

Googler is the command-line tool of Google and is used to go to the different URLs and also to browse news, and open different videos. It is a powerful and open-source tool to make Google searches, and moreover, it is dependent on Python, so make sure that the latest version of Python is installed on your operating system before installing Googler.

In this write-up, we will discover different methods to install Googler on Ubuntu as well as on Linux Mint.

How to install Googler on Ubuntu 22.04 & Linux Mint 20

Both Ubuntu and Linux Mint are the Debian-based Linux distributions, so the installation method of Googler is the same for both of them, we will use Ubuntu to show the installation of Googler, you can follow the same procedure on Linux Mint for the installation of Googler.

There are two methods to install Googler on Ubuntu which are:

  1. From the default repository
  2. From the snapcraft store

Method 1: How to install Googler on Ubuntu 22.04 and Linux Mint 20 using the default repository

The package of Googler is included in the default repository of Ubuntu, to confirm this, we will check the package available in default repository by using the command:

$ apt show googler

The details of the available package of Googler has displayed, now we will use the apt package manager to install the package:

$ sudo apt install googler -y

To check the installed version of Googler, use the command:

$ googler --version

When the package is installed, we will use the Googler to search “hello world” by using the command:

$ googler hello world

Similarly, to learn more about the usage of Googler, use the command to open the manual of Googler:

$ man googler

To remove the package of Googler from Ubuntu use the command:

$ sudo apt purge googler -y

Method 2: How to install Googler on Ubuntu 22.04 and Linux Mint 20 from snapcraft

Another method to install Googler on Ubuntu and Linux Mint, is by downloading the snap of Googler from Snapcraft store. For this purpose, we will run the command:

$ sudo snap install googler

Note: In Linux Mint, snap is not available so first you have to enable it using the mentioned-below command:

$ sudo rm /etc/apt/preferences.d/nosnap.pref && sudo apt update

To remove Googler using the snap utility:

$ sudo snap remove googler


Googler is the command-line utility of Google to search for different websites as well as to browse videos and news using the commands. In this guide, two installation methods of Googler are discussed by which we can install it on both Ubuntu and Linux Mint operating systems.

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