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How to Install GCC for Arch Linux

GCC translates to GNU Compiler Collections, and it is primarily used to compile the C and C++ programming languages. In addition, it also compiles Objective C and Objective C++ programs. The GCC is a set of open-source compilers and libraries.

On Linux, open the terminal to install GCC. The terminal receives user input in the form of commands and shows the results on the screen. As a result, we’ll need to run a few instructions to install GCC.

On an Arch-based Linux system, installing the GCC compiler is a simple task. Type the following Pacman command in the terminal shell to install the GNU Compiler Collection on your Arch Linux system.

sudo pacman -S gcc


The GCC compiler is the simplest way to compile and run C programs on any Linux system. If you are new to programming or enjoy free and open-source software, you will use the GNU Compiler Collection. We have detailed how to install the GCC compiler on Arch Linux distributions and get started with it throughout this post.

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