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How to Install Flask for Arch Linux

Flask-Migrate is a Flask addon that manages SQLAlchemy database migrations for Alembic-based Flask apps. The Flask-Script extension or flask command-line interface is used to access the database operations.

Database abstraction layers, form validation, and other components that utilize third-party libraries are not available.

In Flask-Migrate, you configure Alembic so it can work with Flask and Flask-SQLAlchemy applications. Alembic handles everything in terms of actual database migrations, so you receive the same capabilities. Here, we will focus on the method to install Flask for Arch Linux.

Create and name a virtual environment  in Python 3 by using the following commands:

py -3 -m venv

If you are using Python 2, then create a virtual environment in Python 2 using the virtualenv module:

virtualenv py -2 -m

Using the dir command, list the folder structure:

dir **

Now you can install Flask through PIP using the following command:

pip install


Python-based Flask is a micro web framework. As a microframework, it requires no special tools or libraries. You can repeat the procedures indicated in this guide to build multiple Flask development environments. For more information about various Linux distributions, please visit our official website.

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