How to Install Firefox Browser in Ubuntu 22.04

Firefox is a secure, lightweight web browser with customizable add-ons and cross-platform support. It is known for its fast performance and open-source development. Firefox is preinstalled in the Ubuntu system. However, if a user accidentally deletes it, he/she will surely need the method to install the browser on the system.

Follow this article’s guidelines to install Firefox on the Ubuntu system.

Installing Firefox in Ubuntu

There are two methods to install Firefox on the Ubuntu system, which are shown below:

Installing Firefox in Ubuntu Using Terminal

By default, Ubuntu installs the latest Firefox package from the snap store whether you run the apt command or snap command on the terminal.

To install Firefox on Ubuntu using the terminal, ensure updating the package list first using the update command:

sudo apt update

Then you can install Firefox on Ubuntu from the following command:

sudo apt install firefox

Alternatively, you can also run the snap command to install Firefox on Ubuntu system:

sudo snap install firefox

You can check the installed version of Firefox on Ubuntu using:

firefox -version

Run Firefox on Ubuntu

To run the Firefox browser, you can either use the terminal or open it from the Application menu.

From the terminal, use:


To launch Firefox using GUI go to the Application Menu and search for Firefox. After that, click on the Firefox icon to launch it.

After opening Firefox will open as follows:

Installing Firefox in Ubuntu Using GUI

To install Firefox from the GUI, open the Ubuntu software center and search for the Firefox browser.

Click the “Install” button to install Firefox in Ubuntu.

Uninstalling the Firefox Browser

Sometimes the Firefox browser doesn’t meet the user’s expectations, so it’s better to switch to some other browsers like Chrome. To uninstall the Firefox browser completely from your system the article How to Remove Firefox Completely from Ubuntu will help you.


Installing Firefox Browser in Ubuntu can be done either using the GUI or the Terminal window. By entering the command “apt install firefox” or “snap install firefox” command in the terminal, you can easily install the latest version of Firefox in Ubuntu. You can also use the Ubuntu software center to install the Firefox browser on the system.

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