How to Install Duplicity on Ubuntu?

This article is about Duplicity, and how you can install it on your Ubuntu 20.04 machine. Duplicity is an open-source tool that helps people create backups of their data. It basically just encrypts the user’s data and stores it into a remote server. It’s a very convenient and smart way to back up data, as it does not only store the data but also any changes made to it in the long run. This attribute makes Duplicity very space-efficient.

Bug Fixes Highlights with the Recent Version

The latest release comes with the following bug fixes:

  • Latest patch sees to the IMO unexpected behavior that hinders unattended/fully automatic backups
  • Entering a URL with space will yield an error, but that’s not a problem since the URL clears any spaces
  • Copy sysmlink contents are now added to –copy-links
  • All signatures and deltas are in GNU file format
  • Duplicity can also produce signatures upon command
  • Now the non-interactive operation is enabled via gpg2
  • Backs up the data to a google drive and no longer requires an account
  • Par2-options no longer creates a PAR2 archive when executed
  • Backend-retry-delay is a novel CLI utility that enables users to track hours during which the program had remained idle(slept)
  • Default volume size increased to 200MB
  • HTML output by rman to website
  • 40 character sign key problem fixed
  • Yakety and zesty no longer have any problems with the gpg2 key
  • Doesn’t set any parameters if stat() returns null

Installing Duplicity on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Step 1: Update the Package Repository

First of all, update the packages:

$ sudo apt-get update -y

Step 2: Install Duplicity with apt-get

After updating the repository, consider running the following command to install duplicity:

$sudo apt-get install -y duplicity

Step 3: Verify the Installation

$ apt-cache policy duplicity

The output should indicate whether the installation was successful or not.

Wrapping Up

Installing and setting up Duplicity on Ubuntu 20.04 or any other Linux distribution, for that matter, is quite simple and straightforward. Creating a backup for your data is obviously very important and using Duplicity is one of the best means to see to that.

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