Install Docker Engine on Debian

Docker Engine is a containerizing technology used to build and containerize applications. It serves as a client-server aiding tool, by creating docker containers for applications. APIs specify the interfaces which are then used by programs to communicate with the docker daemon.

If you want to install Docker Engine on Debian follow the article’s guidelines.

Install Docker Engine on Debian

There are two simplest methods to install Docker Engine on Debian:

Method 1: Using APT

Docker can easily be installed from the official repository through the “apt” command, which is given below:

sudo apt install -y

Then verify the installation by using the below-mentioned command:

docker -v

The output will display the version of the installed Docker engine:

To remove docker:

sudo apt purge -y

Method 2: Using Snap

The Docker engine can also be installed on Debian by using the snap store. To perform docker installation through snap, follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: First, install snap daemon on Debian using the following command:

sudo apt install snapd -y

Step 2: Then by using the following snap command, you can install docker-engine on Debian:

sudo snap install docker

To find the installed version of docker, run the below-written command:

docker -v

To remove the installed docker through the snap command use the below-written snap command:

sudo snap remove docker


There are two ways to install docker Engine on Debian which are discussed in the article; one is by installing “snapd” (snap store) and another is by using the “apt” command. Both these methods install the same version of the docker engine.

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