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How to Install Counter-Strike Game on Manjaro Linux

Many shooting games exist in the gaming market; that’s why gamers have a hard time deciding which one offers the best action. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or a newbie in the gaming world, you must have heard about Counter-Strike.

This game is packed with skills, speed, and strategy. Counter-Strike is the ideal game for you if you are a serious gamer.
For your Manjaro Linux system, if you are searching for a new action-packed shooting game, then Counter-Strike Global Offensive or CSGO is all you need. This write-up will demonstrate how to install the Counter-Strike game on Manjaro Linux. Before moving ahead, let’s look at some of the top reasons for choosing Counter-Strike.

Why you should install Counter-Strike game on Manjaro Linux

Here is the list of some of the reasons that can persuade you to install Counter-Strike game on your Manjaro Linux:

It is always fun to try out a new game; however, Counter-Strike makes learning how to play a lot easier. This game also provides a FAQ page where you may find answers to all of your questions.

Another great reason to install and play a Counter-Strike game is its low system requirements such as 2GB RAM, 15 GB HDD, Video card with 256 MB of VRAM or higher.

Counter-Strike’s large and active community will assist you in acquiring new skills such as learning how to use new weapons, trade gear, and other equipment with players, getting the hang of important tips and tricks, and much more.

The graphics of the Counter-Strike game is of high quality, with amazing lifelike surroundings and characters.

Note: Before installing and playing Counter-Strike, you have to install Steam on your Manjaro system, therefore, we are going to install it first.

How to install Steam on Manjaro Linux

CSGO or Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a native Linux game. Steam and CSGO were released for the Linux operating systems at the same time. However, the Counter-Strike game is only available on Steam, so you have to install it first on your Linux-based system, such as Manjaro.

The “multilib” repository of Arch Linux comprises the Steam package, and to access that, we have to make some changes in the pacman configuration file “/etc/pacman.conf“. For this purpose, execute the below-given command in your Manjaro Linux terminal:

$ sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf

In the nano editor, the “/etc/pacman.conf” file will look like this:

Scroll down through the opened “/etc/pacman.conf” and look for the following lines and uncomment them:


#SigLevel = PackageRequired

#Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

After uncommenting the specified lines of the “/etc/pacman.conf” file, press “CTRL+O” to save the added changes:

In the next step, we will update the list of our Manjaro packages:

$ sudo pacman -Syu

After updating Manjaro packages, execute the below-given command to install Steam on your system:

$ sudo pacman -S steam

The error-free output declares that we have successfully installed Steam on Manjaro Linux.

How to install Counter-Strike game on Manjaro Linux

As we have installed Steam in the previous section, we will now move towards installing Counter-Strike from this digital gaming platform. To do so, search for the “Steam” in the list of your Manjaro applications and open it:

When you open Steam for the first time, it will take a few minutes to download and install the required update:

If you do not have a Steam account, click on the “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT” button. Otherwise, log in to your existing Steam account:

We have already created a Steam account, so now we will only enter the Steam account name and password to log in:

After accessing your Steam account, select the “STORE” tab from the top menu:

In your Steam Store, search for the “Counter-Strike” in the right-side search bar:

Select the version of Counter-Strike you want to install from the available ones. For instance, we have chosen the “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”:

After doing so, click on the “Play Game” button to begin the installation procedure of the Counter-Strike game on your Manjaro system:

Check out the installation requirements of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game and click “Next”:

Now, Steam will take some time to create the local games file. When this action gets completed, click on the “Finish” button:

Next, open your Steam “LIBRARY” to track the progress of Counter-Strike download:

After completing the download, you will be able to play the Counter-Strike game on your Manjaro Linux system.

How to uninstall Counter-Strike game on Manjaro Linux

If you want to uninstall the Counter-Strike, then open up the “LIBRARY” of the Steam account and select the “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” game:

From the context menu, click on the “Uninstall” option to proceed with the procedure of uninstalling Counter-Strike game from the system:


Video games play a significant role in entertaining all types of users. There are many video games to select; however, some of them outperform others. CSGO or Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the most played shooting games in the gaming world as it is both entertaining and well-balanced. This write-up demonstrated to you the procedure of installing the Counter-Strike game on Manjaro Linux. Try out Counter-Strike on your system, and Happy gaming!

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